Free to Play Hidden Google Games are Fun


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Free to Play Hidden Google Games are Fun

When you’re bored and have no ideas for ways to spend the time, time seems to pass more slowly. Fortunately, Google has got you covered. You don’t even need a gaming PC or console on hand because Google has hidden mini-games in practically all of its products, from Chrome and Search to Google Earth.

Some of these are Google originals, such as the hidden dinosaur game, while others are classics like Pac-Man and Tic-Tac-Toe. These secret Google games might be the solution if you’re bored, having trouble passing the time, and desperately want to avoid your day job. Here are 7 games that you can play now.

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Flight Simulator

Every aviation enthusiast has the PC game Flight Simulator loaded, although most users find it to be a niche activity. Flight Simulator (Google Earth) If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at piloting your own aircraft, you don’t need a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator to do it; all you need is the PC version of the secret Google game Google Earth Pro.

Simply open Google Earth Pro and press Ctrl + Alt + A to open the Flight Simulator window to begin playing. In addition to letting you select your aircraft and starting point, it also lets you use a joystick to control the simulator.

Try it out; you can play it for nothing. Google Earth Flight Simulator, like its Microsoft counterpart, is a challenging “game” to master, but it’s also a great way to travel the world without ever leaving your house.

Gmail Dinosaur Game (Google Chrome)

If you’ve ever questioned why a dinosaur appears in Google Chrome anytime you lose connection while trying to visit a page, your curiosity is over. You may test out this amusing little built-in hidden Google game right now.

The Google dinosaur gameplay are reminiscent of other endless runner games like Temple Run and is relatively easy to learn. When the Google Dino appears and you are unable to connect to a page, press the space key on your keyboard to start the game.

The dinosaur will continue to travel forward; to hop over obstacles (in this case, cacti), simply press the space key when it is appropriate.

That’s how easy it is. Don’t worry if you can’t access the page; you may play a copy of the game for free online.

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The timeless game of Solitaire is another hidden game on Google (known as Patience in some locations). This card game is undoubtedly recognisable to everyone who has ever been bored on a Windows computer.

To begin, enter “solitaire” (or “patience game”) into Google Search on any browser, then click “Play.” By clicking on one of the options, you can select to play in either the easy or hard difficulty mode.

Once the game has begun, playing is as simple as dragging the cards into the appropriate positions and sorting them in accordance with the rules. There are software versions of Solitaire that you may test on Windows if you’d rather play the traditional game on your desktop.


Give Clouds a go if you’re searching for a secret Google Android game. Only when your device is offline and you attempt to use the Google Android app to conduct a search on Google will this casual game show up?

As soon as you do, the No signal warning will have an animated icon next to it. You can play Clouds in full-screen mode by pressing it.To play the Flappy Birds-inspired game Clouds, tap your touchscreen to launch it, then hold the smiling cloud icon in the air as long as you can. Once you see them, make careful to plan ahead because you’ll need to avoid obstacles (birds, in this case).

The Google app, which should be pre-installed on most Android smartphones, is required to play it. Install it, switch off the WiFi, and give it a try if you don’t already have it.


Everyone is aware of the excitement a quick game of Pac-Man can provide you, so there is no need for a long explanation for this one. You may play this simple, entertaining classic right now in any browser.

Simply type “pacman” or “pac-man” into Google to start playing Pac-Man. At the top of the search results, Google will show you a playable HTML5 version of the popular Pac-Man game rather than the usual search snippet or video.

Simply press the Play button to begin, then use the arrow keys on your computer to move.

Doodle Games on Google

For many years, Google has changed its logo to reflect fresh works of art and entertainment to mark special occasions. These started off as simple graphics but have since developed into fully functional interactive experiences thanks to advancements in web technology.

Many of these earlier Google Doodles (as they’re referred to) were amusing little mini-games, and you can still play them in the Google Doodles archive. A basketball game to honour the 2012 Olympics is one of our favourites among the many games available, which also include Rubik’s cube and snowball fights.

All you need to play these is a browser; nothing else is required. To pass the time, check out the collection of past Google Doodles and play one of the games that are already there.

Adventure in Text

The majority of the games we’ve listed in this list are visual, but if you’re looking for a text-based adventure, you should try the hidden adventure game that comes with Google Search.

To use this, you must access the Google Chrome console in secret. To access the browser console, perform a Google Search for “text adventure,” right-click the browser window, and then press Ctrl+Shift+J. To start the game, input the word yes into the console interface.

You must follow the on-screen instructions to play, advancing the game by using the commands displayed at the console, just as in the classic text-based adventures of the 1980s and 1990s.

Give this retro adventure a try right away if it sounds like the kind of thing your heart desires.

Enjoying the Hidden Google Games

You may enjoy some casual gaming pleasure without downloading Steam or purchasing a console thanks to hidden Google games. To pass the time on computers and mobile devices, make the most of Google games like Flight Simulator, Solitaire, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Naturally, you’ll need to have a gaming PC or console available if you’re seeking for some serious gaming enjoyment. If you can’t afford that, sign up for a gaming streaming service like GeForce Now. Please share with us in the comments below how you prefer to play your favourite games.

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