How to Retrieve an Unknown Caller’s Phone Number


How to Retrieve an Unknown Caller's Phone Number

Most individuals don’t enjoy picking up calls from ominous callers. Perhaps it makes you uneasy, or perhaps you want to avoid the danger of conversing with a telemarketer or responding to a robocall. In either case, there are several methods for obtaining the caller’s name and phone number.

We’ll demonstrate how to locate an unknown caller’s phone number in this article. You can call unique services connected to public databases, browse specific websites, or use caller ID applications. Determine who is calling you so you can avoid spending your time talking to random individuals.

1. Dial *69

You might be familiar with *69 if you’ve ever called someone and used *67 to masked your phone number. In contrast to *67, this service. After you miss a call from an unknown number, you can find their phone number, as well as their name and address, if they are registered in a public database, by calling *69 right away. Even anonymous or covert calls can be made using the program. You can discover a secret phone number and the precise time someone called you.

Utilize this information to give them a callback and determine whether the call was spam or a fraud. With spammers and con artists, don’t expect to have a polite chat. You can’t sway them into taking you off their call list. Instead, ban their phone so that you never again receive obtrusive calls.

Remember that not all phone companies provide this service, and some can charge you depending on your phone plan. Don’t be shocked if you see extra charges on your next phone bill. Additionally, the service is only offered in the USA and is compatible with both mobile and landlines.

2. Dial *57

Similar to *69, this service is exclusively provided by a select few phone companies and is additionally charged. With *57, however, you should only do so if you are positive that the caller is bothering you. This is because dialling *57 will immediately put you in contact with local law authorities. The police will then be able to follow up on the obnoxious calls you receive. Please make sure you call your local police to confirm that you require their services after dialling *57 if this is the service you require.

When you’re certain you need additional assistance to stop receiving telemarketers, only use *57 with extreme caution.

3. Talk to the telephone provider

You might be able to track out the phone number of an obnoxious caller with the aid of your phone service provider. They will give you a log of your incoming and outgoing calls, along with the unmasked caller’s phone number. Even though this information may be sufficient for you to act independently, the phone company can provide you with even more specifics. You can look up the name, address, and phone company of the bothersome caller if the information is available.

The Anonymous Caller ID service is another thing that phone companies can offer. In other words, if the service is enabled, your phone will verify each call placed to your number. The Anonymous Caller ID service will require someone attempting to call you from a hidden number to reveal their number before they can connect to your phone. Your phone’s screen will then display the Caller ID.

Even mobile phone providers will assist you in avoiding robocalls for an additional monthly fee. But bear in mind that this service is still relatively new and may not be completely dependable.

4. Download A Program

There are numerous mobile apps available that you can download and use as tools for tracking phone numbers. These applications will search online databases for information on incoming callers, display that information, including name, address, and phone number. The choice is then yours to report and stop the robocalls, telemarketers, or spam.

Consider your choice of unknown caller ID app carefully, as the majority of them are not linked to extensive databases and phone directories. See what other people’s experiences are by reading the app reviews. Remember that while some apps are free, others require monthly payments. Here are a few apps that have been tried out and approved by users:

1. BeenVectorized

For finding out information about a displayed but unknown number, this app is a great option. You will avoid having to look up the phone number and the information associated with it manually. In just two steps, BeenVerified can identify the source of an obnoxious phone call from its database of billions of phone numbers. All you need to do is go to the search bar, enter the phone number, and wait a short while for the app to show you everything.

Two. Spokeo

This phone number tracking app for smartphones is totally free. When you enter the phone number, the reverse phone lookup option will show you information about the caller, including their name, address, current location, social media profiles, and much more.

(3) TrapCall

An app called TrapCall can reveal blocked and hidden phone numbers. If there isn’t a caller ID displayed, you can still use this app. TrapCall offers additional services in addition to disclosing personal information. It has the ability to blacklist undesirable numbers, automatically block spammers, and record calls. Both iOS and Android devices can use TrapCall.

Four. TrueCaller

Comparable to TrapCall is this app. Simply making all calls go through the app and disclosing the phone numbers will accomplish this. It will also alert you to any unauthorised calls and has a spam list based on community reports. However, in order to use this app, your phone must always have access to a 3G or wifi network.

5. Browse websites

You always have the option to manually search for phone numbers via specific websites if you don’t want to add a new app to your mobile device. Check out our article on the top sites for identifying phone numbers as there are many of them available. A few of the previously mentioned apps, like TrueCaller, have websites with extensive databases.

6. Ignore Any Unknown Callers

If you want to block unknown calls, all you iPhone users out there don’t need to bother looking up unknown numbers. Silence Unknown Callers is a clever little feature created by Apple for their products. It follows that your phone won’t ring if someone calls from a number that isn’t on your contact list. They will still be registered as a missed call, be able to leave you a voicemail, and can send you an SMS.

To activate this feature, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Settings, and then Phone.
  2. Choose the heading for Silence Unknown Callers.
  3. Toggle the heading’s toggle to the on position.

Simply silence them if you are unable to identify the caller and do not wish to respond to random strangers.


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