Alternativas a VIDCORN. ¿Ha cerrado o ya no funciona?


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No need to freak out if you’ve realized that VIDCORN has been blocked and isn’t working in your area. Learn about some of the best alternatives to VIDCORN that will let you watch TV shows and movies online without paying a dime. Actually, you can find both old and new movies on these sites, as well as the most recent episodes of your favorite TV shows, all in high definition and without annoying commercial breaks.

I need to know what happened to VIDCORN. Do you mean it’s not working or it’s closed for good?

Many countries have stopped broadcasting VIDCORN because it is a pirate site. This is due to the fact that all of these websites should be protected by author rights enforcement on the Internet.

The popularity it gained from its diverse library of movies and TV shows, which it made freely available to its user base, drew the ire of major subscription-based streaming services and television network owners, who sought to file complaints alleging that the service was operating illegally in violation of broadcasting rights.

It’s the same predicament that groups like Movidy find themselves in. Most likely, VIDCORN will only ever experience temporary or regional outages. However, other platforms providing similar services, such as Series Papaya and MegaDede, have seen serious disruption from claims of author’s rights and shut down permanently.

7 mejores alternativas a VIDCORN

Therefore, given that VIDCORN could be completely or nationally banned at any time, you should always be prepared with alternatives that let you watch movies and TV shows online without any hassle.

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1 SerieWhite

SerieWhite is well-known as a viable VIDCORN alternative, and rightly so; it offers a similar selection of TV shows and movies, but it also has a significant advantage in terms of its content library. You’ll find a wide variety of TV shows, documentaries, and movies here, perfect for passing the time during your downtime.

The fact that SerieWhite has ad-blocking software means that it is preferable to other Vidcorn alternatives in which ads are allowed. The interface is also quite fluid, which speeds up the loading time of the website in much the same way that a mobile app does.

When it comes to drawbacks, we can say that website administrators can sanction and shut it down at any time. However, you may find additional choices in the following list.

2 Series Gato

Series Gato is another free website where you can watch extensive content like you would on VIDCORN.

Además, aquí podrás encontrar un buen contenido de películas en latino, en caso de que seas fanático de este tipo de transmisiones. In light of the foregoing, it’s clear that this is a fantastic substitute for VIDCORN.

3 Cuevana

You can also watch both classic and new releases on Cuevana, making it a viable alternative to VIDCORN. The fact that you don’t have to sign up for anything or provide information about your bank account or credit card in order to view the content is a major plus.

Not only that, but it goes without saying that everything on this site is viewable in glorious Full HD. Además de películas, también encontrarás documentales y series gratis online. Y lo mejor de todo es que las puedes descargar para verlas más tarde.

Numerous attempts have been made by content regulators on the Internet to shut down this site. However, the creators of this system regularly switch the domain name in an effort to prevent this kind of inconvenience from occurring.

4 Series24

Series24 is one of the best-organized alternatives to VIDCORN that we’ve come across for finding movies and TV shows of all genres and seasons.

This means you can search for movies based on criteria such as genre, release year, user rating, and more. También tiene una sección para conocer las últimas novedades y las calificaciones que los usuarios le han dado al contenido. Adicionalmente, ofrece una calidad HD con resolución de hasta 1080p, lo que permite disfrutar de una buena imagen.

En cuanto a las desventajas, la plataforma ofrece un diseño poco ilustrativo, pero que no condiciona su calidad y variedad de contenido.

4 Allpeliculas

Allpeliculas también ha tenido que cambiar de dominio en distintas oportunidades; pero este enlace funciona bien por el momento, para ofrecerte diversión y entretenimiento al igual que VIDCORN.

Allpeliculas te ofrece un amplio contenido en largometrajes y películas, así como series y anime para los aficionados an este tipo de contenido. Al igual que otros sitios similares, Allpeliculas también cuenta con una aplicación para teléfonos Android que no tiene nada que envidiarle al look and fell de Netflix. Adicionalmente, ofrece contenido con calidad en HD y Full HD para deleitar a sus usuarios.

La única desventaja es que es posible ver más anuncios que en otros sitios y que, para evadir los cierres, puede estar cambiando de dominio con frecuencia.

6 Inkaseries

You can watch free movies and TV shows from the past and present on Inkaseries, a great alternative to VIDCORN. In addition to its sleek design, the site’s interface is incredibly user-friendly in that all you need to do to start enjoying its free content is open a browser tab.

As an alternative to VIDCORN, Inkaseries may not have as many users as some of its rivals, but it does provide a wide variety of free movie streaming options.

With regards to drawbacks, it should be noted that this portal is rife with promotional ads and is also vulnerable to malware infection.


VIDCORN también puede ser reemplazado por PELICULATOR, un sitio fantástico que ofrece un buen repertorio de películas y series online. If you prefer content written in Latin American Spanish, however, you should look elsewhere. If you prefer to watch in English, we have those, too—but with subtitles.

You can also download movies with the aforementioned English subtitles right here. Although its interface could be improved upon, it is very straightforward to use and offers a decent selection of newer and more popular films.

Final words:

These alternatives to VIDCORN are all great, but if you want to watch movies online for free, there are 21 sites you should check out instead. These sites also host a number of TV shows and other forms of entertainment.

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