Jeff Timmer Son Death: Mekbul Timmer Died?


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In it, the family expressed their sorrow over the loss of their youngest child. We appreciate everyone’s prayers and positive energy. Mekbul Timmer, a senior, was loved and admired by everyone he met, including his teachers. Kindly love your family and friends, I beg you. That’s what Jeff and Mattie Timmer said.

Upon visiting Jeff Timmer’s Twitter page, you will see the following description: “Strategist. Michigan. The first member of the Republican Party. To put it simply, he is a senior adviser and co-founder at Project Lincoln. A Republic, If You Can Keep It is another show he is involved in hosting. Able to act like a smartass with ease.

Jeff Timmer Son Death

Lehman Funeral Homes disseminated the lengthy obituary written by Timmer’s family. There are “more people who loved him than there are stars in the sky,” including his parents, three sisters, and one brother.

The Lincoln Project tweeted their “sympathy” to the Timmer family. The Lincoln Project requests privacy at this time.

There was no announcement of the cause of death. He used to have a Facebook page, but now all that remains is an old profile picture. recommended by

The Lincoln Project describes itself on its website as “the leading democracy advocacy organization in the United States.”

The website for The Lincoln Project states, “The Lincoln Project is a political action committee (PAC) founded in December 2019 by a group of former Republican political strategists with the goal of defending democracy from Donald Trump’s populist nationalistic ideals and agenda, as well as his allies in Congress and the far-right media.”

Mattie Timmer, Jeff’s wife, took to Twitter to express her gratitude for the outpouring of support and compassion her family has received. A heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who has communicated with us recently.

Jeff Timmer, after his son’s death, quietly posted a photo of him to his Facebook profile. A little while later, Mattie Timmer did the same thing.

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In the classroom, I often think of him and wish he could bring his infectious smile and laughter with him. I’ll never forget how entertaining he was to be around in class because of his natural charm and wit. This year I only briefly crossed paths with him each day, but his smile was always warm and contagious. A friend posted, “Love to your family,” on her Facebook wall.

One of Mek’s friends once described her as “beautiful.” Many people will miss Mek. Simply flashing that grin would light up the place. Prayers for consolation continue to be sent. In the words of another, “He is a great, kind, loving, hilarious, sweet, brilliant young man. He is my love. Sending our affection hurts so much that

A lot of folks were taken with his grin, too. How wonderful it is to see you smiling! In the words of one contributor: “That’s how he’ll always be in our hearts.”

Somebody else emailed, “My heart goes out to you and your family for the awful death of your kid. I sincerely apologize. We pray that the Lord will give you the fortitude to grieve and the joy to honor his life.

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