Cómo usar Teleparty


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Cómo usar Teleparty


Undoubtedly, watching a show or movie with friends and acquaintances is one of the many ways to socialize and get along, but what happens when those people are far away? Today we’ll be talking to you about how to use Telepathy, a streaming service that allows you to watch Netflix video content with online friends.

Cómo utilizar Netflix Party (Teleparty) paso a paso

Teleparty is a Google Chrome extension that you and your friends can use for free while enjoying and conversing about the content they are viewing on Netflix or another platform. In order to use it properly and quickly achieve your goals, we will provide you with the proper step-by-step instructions below.

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1 Step for Installing and Using Teleparty

Now, all a user needs to do to access and use Teleparty professionally is log into their Chrome browser, have an account on Netflix or another streaming service, and take the following actions:

Navigate to the Chrome Web Store.

Enter the name of the application in the search engine to find it (in this case, we’ll use Netflix Party as our guide).
Install the extension and wait for the download to complete.
Log into your Netflix account using Google Chrome.
Make click on the “Extensions” icon that is located in the upper right corner of the screen, just below the puzzle-like bar.

Place the application’s name (Netflix Party) in the search bar and click the “sign in” icon that is located to the app’s left of the name.

You’ll need to choose the show or movie you want to watch with your group of friends when the app is positioned next to the taskbar.
To proceed, click the “TP” (Teleparty) icon that you had previously saved in your browser, and then select the “Start the party” option.
The browser extension will now display a URL for you to copy and send to the people you want to join.

It is necessary for these people to have Teleparty downloaded in their browsers in order for them to connect; otherwise, they will only need to copy the URL you sent them, paste it into their browsers, and click the Teleparty icon to access your chat. That’s it!

Final words:

The best Netflix and other streaming platforms’ TV shows and movies can be shared with your partner, friends, and family members using Teleparty. Don’t be hesitant to use this amazing extension to create a comfortable environment for special needs individuals; simply follow all of our advice verbatim.

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