What does Chupapi Muñañyo mean on TikTok? The phrase translated


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What does Chupapi Muñañyo mean on TikTok

Here are the origins of Chupapi Munyayo/Muayo on TikTok as well as what it signifies.

For a very long time, words and phrases wholly made up may change the game and become viral in a matter of seconds on social media. Do you remember when Sco Pa Tu Manaa and Bomboclaat dominated the timeline on Twitter? Or more recently, when TikTok’s Cheugy trend started?

Now there’s a new phrase picking up steam on TikTok: Chupapi Muñañyo.

The expression is frequently used in prank videos where someone approaches a stranger from behind and speaks out in their ear. What does that signify, though? Where did it originate? Who initiated it, too?

What does Chupapi Muñañyo mean on TikTok? The phrase explained

On TikTok, what does Chupapi Muayo mean? The statement was clarified. Pictured are Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty and @jaykindafunny8 via TikTok.

What does the English translation of Chupapi Munyayo or Chupapi Muayo mean?

According to a definition from January 2021 of the Urban Dictionary, it means “suck my dick father, oh! come on!” According to the entry, the word “chupa” is derived from a Spanish word that means “to suck a dick,” while the words “Papi” and “munyayo” appear to mean “father or papa” and “come on,” respectively.

There is some disagreement, nevertheless, as to whether it is the correct definition. “Munyayo” and “Muayo” “don’t appear to have any straight translations from Spanish or any other language, indicating it is nonsense,” notes KnowYourMeme.

‘Muayo’ was apparently created by @jaykindafunny8, who also posted a video on how to spell it in which he essentially just combined the two common spellings on TikTok.

In essence, Chupapi Munyayo or Chupapi Muayo has no significance. It’s just fiction.

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Who created the Chupapi Muñañyo phrase?

The phrase was first used on TikTok in July 2020, which is a very long time ago. Using a drive-through, TikToker @jaykindafunny8 posted a video of himself ordering ice cream and slapping it on his forehead before leaving. One of the videos has him saying the word “mayo.”

A few months later, he uploaded a prank to TikTok in which he sneaked up behind strangers on the street, yelled “mayo,” and then repeated the entire phrase when they turned around to see what was happening.

His entire TikTok account is now full of videos of the same prank.

Jay currently has over 16 million followers on the app, and each time he publishes a #muayo video, it receives millions of views. By May 2021, the #muayo hashtag had amassed over 3.7 billion views, although the majority of those came from Jay’s videos.

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