How Can I Check the CA Final Registration Status?


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How Can I Check the CA Final Registration Status

The CA final registration process is not automated. Students must enroll in the CA final course after passing the second level of the Chartered Accountant exam. Students must fill out an online application form with the necessary paperwork and fees.

For Indian students, the registration cost for the CA final course is Rs. 22,000 Additionally, foreign students must pay $1,100 for the course. Students must also pass their second or intermediate-level exam with at least a 50% overall grade and a 40% grade in each subject in order to apply for the CA final course. Passing both groups is crucial for students to qualify for the CA final course.

After submitting the application, students must regularly check the status of their CA Final Registration. Additionally, read about the fully funded Turkiye Burslari Scholarships for 2021.

Check the Registration Status Inquiry Online

Students should verify the status if they haven’t gotten the message from ICAI with their registration number and password. Students must use the online ICAI site to monitor their status. Additionally, you must get in touch with the ICAI regional office if students are having problems with the CA final registration letter.

Steps to Check the Status of an Online Registration

To check the progress of your registration online, go to the ICAI website first. The ways to check the website’s status are listed below:

The “e-services” link is located in the top right corner.
then select the “reprint letter” tab.
The “reprint letter” tab will open a brand-new webpage after being clicked.
The newly opened web page requires students to fill out all necessary information.
The letter should then be submitted.
In the event that you have any questions, you can get in touch with the ICAI regional office.

As a result, CA Wizard has developed a thorough procedure to check the status of the CA’s final registration. Read the article to learn more about the CA Wizard’s final registration procedure guidance.

CA Final Registration Status

The registration status for the CA final course needs to be regularly monitored by the students. The ICAI will occasionally reject a registration for a variety of reasons. Students get a mail on their registered email address after filling out the form. For your registration number and password, check your mail.

You are successfully registered for the course once you receive your registration number and password. Your registration form has also been accepted by ICAI.

Additionally, your registration is successful if you receive the registration letter from the official ICAI website. The registration letter is sent to the students by ICAI within a month. If after 30 days you have not received a letter from the ICAI, you may contact the regional office of the ICAI any working day.

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In what ways can CA Wizard assist with CA Final Registration?
It’s difficult to sign up for the CA Final Course. The ICAI won’t accept the registration form if you omit any information while filling it out.

Therefore, students need a trustworthy manual like “CA Wizard” to register for the course. Students can register for courses with the aid of CA Wizard. Let’s examine how CA Wizard aids students in registering for the CA final.

documents necessary at registration
Candidates must be aware of the paperwork needed to enrol in the CA final course. So that you can register more easily, CA Wizard provides a list of required documents.

Student’s signature

snapshot of a student in passport size
Certified copy of the CA foundation grade report
A certified copy of the CA intermediate grade report
Documentation of Nationality
copy of the special category with authentication
Fee Organization of the course
Students must be informed of the CA final registration price when registering for the course. The CA Wizard therefore provides a full explanation of the pricing structure for the CA final course.

Rs. 22,000 for Indian students and $ 1,100 for international students
CA Process of Final Registration
Understanding how to register for the course through the ICAI portal is crucial. The approach is clearly laid out by CA Wizard. Simply following the instructions will allow students to register for the course.

Information needed to complete the CA final registration form
Information required for CA Final Registration

Name of the student

scanned copy of the CA intermediate/IPCC test score report
Number of the applicant’s cellphone
Male or female student
Postal code for the application
Parents’ names of the applicant
Student’s email address
scores on the intermediate exam that the student received
the pupils’ birthdates
Student’s IPCC / CA intermediate exam roll number
The pupils’ social grouping

Final thoughts of the Blog

In conclusion, students must monitor the situation after registering for the CA final course. Students must follow the aforementioned approach if the ICAI does not accept the CA final registration form. Additionally, because the CA final registration process is a little complicated, students should seek assistance from a reputable manual like “CA Wizard.”

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