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Pantera received a sizeable investment from Labs 15m Series, which it will use to create a trading desk for its ZRX coin and create an open-source protocol for NFT swaps. Additionally, it has ambitions to broaden the Matcha product, which collects liquidity from other DEXs.

Significant Technical Contributions

15M Series of Labs Pantera has made a $15 million investment in 0x Labs, which is constructing the necessary infrastructure to support decentralized exchanges. Prominent personnel from top tech businesses make up the company’s crew, which is dispersed across multiple countries. It has a remote-first culture and has significantly improved the Ethereum protocol technically. It also contributed to the development of the NFT token standard. The firm will be able to increase staff and extend services thanks to the increased cash.

The business intends to build an open API and integrate intelligent features into its platform. In the upcoming years, it plans to make the product accessible around the world. The business also intends to collaborate with significant hedge funds to increase its worldwide footprint. It will play a significant role in the company’s success strategies.

Crypto Assets

The business intends to raise an additional $100 million. It previously secured $11 million in Series A investment, which it plans to utilize to broaden its service offering and connect with hedge funds and other significant financial services firms. The business intends to develop a matching engine for distributing crypto assets in addition to operating a decentralized exchange.

15M Series of Labs Additionally, Pantera Capital contributed $15 million to 0x Labs. The money will support the company’s efforts to expand its trading desk, create a decentralized exchange system, and introduce a reliable aggregation service. The company will use this money to grow internationally. Developers will be able to include exchange functionality into their apps thanks to its technology.

Pantera CapitalMcsweeney

15M Series of Labs The decentralized exchange infrastructure firm 0x Labs has received a sizeable investment from Pantera Capital. This investment will assist the business’s international growth and the addition of a trading desk to its product offerings. The business will also increase the availability of its Matcha product and keep improving its open-source protocol. Additionally, the business intends to expand its workforce. The venture capital firm intends to invest in a range of potential businesses in addition to Pantera Capital.

The fresh money will be put to use for 0x Labs’ growth objectives. The business intends to increase the number of blockchains supported by its platform, provide a Matcha token search tool, and add more chains to its API. Users will be able to swap NFTs across several blockchains thanks to this. The business also intends to utilize the funds to add other blockchains to which it supports NFT swaps.

0x Protocol Globally

With the money, the business will be able to increase the number of nations where its Matcha product is available as well as improve its decentralized exchange system. To allow developers to include decentralized exchange features in their products, it also plans to increase the scope of its professional aggregation API. The corporation also intends to create a trading desk operation to further spread the 0x Protocol around the world.

With its new investment, 0x Labs will be able to grow internationally and develop its open-source protocol. Additionally, it intends to build an integrated trading desk and expand support for NFT swaps. To increase user accessibility, the business also wants to expand Matcha’s platform and roll out an API.

0x Labs’ Matcha Platform

The business that created the decentralized exchange system and the ZRX token, 0x Labs, just raised $15 million in a Series A investment headed by Pantera Capital. The money will aid the business’s expansion and the building of its decentralized exchange infrastructure. Additionally, the business intends to increase its worldwide footprint, create a trading desk, and continue to improve the open-source protocol and API.

One of several cryptocurrency investors, Pantera Capital, has backed 0x Labs, a business developing a decentralized exchange system. With the funds, the business intends to build an API and expand the Matcha platform to handle more cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the business is creating an open-source protocol that will enable Matcha to be integrated into other decentralized exchanges.

A Round of Bitso

Previously, Pantera Capital contributed $50 million to the pre-sale of Kik Interactive Inc. Additionally, it contributed to Bitso’s $15 million Series A financing. Prior until recently, it concentrated on conventional macro hedge fund investments but lately started to turn its attention to cryptocurrencies. The business has invested in BitPesa, ChangeTip, and BitPagos Inc. and recently created a Pantera Bitcoin Fund. The business collaborates with several investors, including Ribbit Capital and Fortress Investment Group.

In its most recent Series B investment, sponsored by Pantera Capital, 0x Labs raised $70 million. In the round, Pantera Capital, Greylock, Jump Capital, and OpenSea also took part. The startup 0x Labs operates a decentralized exchange system and offers exchange services for several cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other tokenized assets.

Early Model Year Panteras

Both Ford and Chevy engines are available for Panteras from the first model year. A 300-horsepower V8 engine powers the Ford. It is connected to a ZF transaxle with five speeds. Independent A-arm suspension of unequal length, rack-and-pinion steering, four-wheel disc brakes, and air conditioning are further features.

Ford and De Tomaso worked together to design the Pantera. The end product was an automobile with American power and a European appearance. In the United States, it was sold in around 5,500 units throughout its 1971–1975 manufacture period. Ford was worried about quality control, though. Eventually, the manufacturer started precisely stamping body panels, which significantly raised the caliber of the vehicles.

Series of Upgrades

The Pantera saw several improvements in 1972. First, a brand-new five-liter Cleveland engine was installed in it. The compression ratio of this engine was 8.6:1. The automobile was able to comply with American emissions standards thanks to this ratio. A new “Cobra Jet” camshaft was further added. The 428 Cobra Jet’s performance cam’s lift and duration were duplicated by the replacement camshaft. The vehicle also got a factory exhaust header and a dual-point distributor.

For those who don’t need a rare sports vehicle, early model year Panteras are a suitable alternative. These vehicles are not only inexpensive but also enjoyable to drive. The caliber of the car will, nevertheless, determine its cost. At the auction, a high-end Pantera may easily bring in six figures. Similarly, it could be worthwhile to invest the time and money necessary to restore a Pantera to its original state.

Early Model Year GT5-S

The Pantera GT5-S is an extremely rare and coveted supercar. It was the final Pantera to be imported into North America from Italian manufacturing. The automobile has a burled walnut dash, plush burgundy leather inside, and a white exterior. It still has its original appearance and no rust despite having three owners. It is propelled by a ZF 5-speed manual transmission and a 351ci Ford Cleveland V8.

This engine was only used in one of 187 Panteras that were made. The vehicle has an EPA-certified emissions system, a Holley carburetor, and an exhaust system that has received manufacturing certification. This early GT5-S model year is in fantastic shape. It has the De Tomaso warranty registration and all of the original construction paperwork.

Plexi Glass Windows

The Pantera was a high-performance car for its age while being inexpensive. Its steel monocoque chassis was altered to cut weight and enhance track handling. Steel and fiberglass were used to make the GT5S lighter. While performance numbers stayed the same, the GT5-S’s performance was improved thanks to updated steering and suspension components. Wider wheels required modifying the body shell. Additionally, the automobile had Plexi glass windows throughout and fiberglass wheel arches.

De Tomaso produced the Pantera between 1971 and 1992. It was among the most well-liked vehicles the firm produced. It was offered for sale through Lincoln Mercury dealerships in North America, and Road Test magazine named it the best import vehicle of the year.

Ford 351 Windsor V-8-powered GT5-S from a previous model year
The outstanding Ford 351 Windsor V-8 engine and Ford 351 Windsor V-8 fueling this early model year Pantera GT5-S. The Rosso Corsa red exterior and Pelle Nero leather interior of the automobile are both exceptionally well-kept. The vehicle easily navigates through traffic and has a great-sounding engine. The original ten-inch Campagnolo magnesium wheels are present in this instance.

Although the Pantera has little headroom for taller drivers, the seat cushions may easily be changed to make the vehicle more comfortable. With the correct components, updating the interior is simple. The Pantera’s ideal powerplant is the Ford V-8 engine, which can deliver lots of power without breaking the bank.

Who owns Pantera Capital?

Dan Morehead has over 25 years of management, macro trading, and financial advisory services expertise. Dan is the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, an investment company that only invests in businesses that utilize blockchain technology and other digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.

Final Words:

The Pantera was not only a great performance but also a very dependable vehicle. The 5.8 liters V-8 Cleveland 351 had four-barrel carburetors and four-bolt main bearing covers. For its size, the Pantera’s torque and horsepower figures were excellent. It could accelerate to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds and complete a quarter-mile run in 13 seconds.

From late 1985 through 1989, the Pantera GT5-S was produced. There were 183 Pantera GT5-S variants made in all. The fifteenth Pantera GT5-S from the last manufacturing run was manufactured in this specific instance.

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