Cómo escribir el símbolo del apóstrofo (‘) o la comilla simple con el teclado


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In our language, we frequently call for the use of the simple comma or the apóstrofo in technical writing, blog posts, website content, academic papers, and other contexts. If you’re having trouble writing it, don’t worry; we’ll show you a variety of methods so you can write it with ease, just as we’ve shown you how to find it easily using diaeresis, the question symbol, the double point, and other signs. As an added bonus, we’ll share some useful data with you about this sign. Where and when is the single comma (,) or apostrophe (‘) used?

They are often used in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. There, double commas are also often used. A comma is used at the beginning and end of a quotation or literal discourse. They are also used to emphasise specific words or sections of a document. Ejemplos:

Escribir en Windows

Te mostramos varias formas de hacer el símbolo de comilla simple. The basic comilla is not always at a straightforward location above a key on a keyboard. You’ll find it to the right of 0 on many keyboard layouts. Given that, all you need to do is apologise.

Using the ASCII code for writing

If the preceding function does not exist, you will need to enter the typographical apostrophe by hand. We recommend using a keyboard mouse combo on a Windows computer, as this will allow the system software to translate your input.

Follow these numeric keystrokes to make a basic comilla:

Press the ALT key and hold it down as you type the number 39.
Con Office

Word and Excel both allow users to put symbols into cells or into the document’s text page. To accomplish this, click the “Insert” button on the main menu. You’ll find the Symbol button in its upper right corner. Pull it out, and you’ll see a grid full of different symbols you may use. Locate the simple-click cursor and press the “Insert” button.

Use of the MAC for Word Processing

If you’re a MAC user, you may use the following method to write a simple or apóstrofo comma:

While pressing “MAYS + #,” hold down the “ALT” key.
Then, unlock all the keys so that the symbol may be reflected on them.

If your keyboard is set to English, the simple commas will be in the upper right corner, next to the zero key.

Write in LINUX

Linux makes it straightforward to type the basic alphabet or the apóstrofo on a keyboard. Keep pressing the “Ctrl” key and, at the same time, press the “Shift” key, then the letter “u.”
On an Android-powered device

Bring up your keyboard and press the?123 button. You need just find the (‘) key on your keyboard’s lower right corner and press it. Additionally, if you press and hold the button, a menu of available comillas will appear.

Types of Apostrofo and Comilla Complexity

Various signs are available, each designed for a certain purpose. Because of this, it is recommended to use the simple comma or apóstrofo at the appropriate time while typing it.

There’s no denying that this is a little aesthetic detail that won’t prevent the reader from reading the text, but it might have significant effects on how the reader perceives the work’s overall quality.

The simple comma or right apóstrofo

The single colon (or apóstrofo) was created so that programmers may conveniently label many code snippets with the same symbol. To open and close, all you need is a multitasking comilla.

By default, a keyboard’s apóstrofo will obscure the symbol represented by a perfectly vertical and symmetrical line. This is also known as a “mechanography apologist” or a “right-leaning apologist.”

A plain comma or a typical apostrophe

This kind of apóstrofo features a more dynamic coma-shaped design. That this symbol isn’t seen on the keyboard is a mystery. In order to write a nonexistent symbol from the keyboard, a method must be set up to allow for this. Most of the time, your programme should be able to do it for you, but that isn’t always the case.

Type the comma after each sentence in computer programmes.

Most word processing software has an automatic function that replaces simple or direct appositives with their typographical equivalents as soon as you type them.

You may enable this feature by checking a box in the “Preferences” section, which may be labelled as follows:

Typographic commas can be used in InDesign.
Use the “for commas” replacement in Microsoft Word.
Curvy brackets in TextEdit, etc.

The best solution will be waiting for you in your programme of choice. This setting is enabled by default in Microsoft Office documents like Word and PowerPoint, but not in the Adobe Creative Suite.

There are a number of ways to type it into a document, programme, or publication, regardless of the operating system you use, whether it’s a plain comma, a vertical comma, or an apóstrofo typeface. We’ve taught you the basics of writing letters and words rather quickly. Just put in some time practising, and you won’t have any trouble with it at all.

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