08 páginas para descargar discos de música completos


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08 páginas para descargar discos de música completos


Knowing where to look will allow you to download whole albums for free. This includes sites that provide access to a wide variety of artists and songs, as well as those that enable you to listen to your favorites in many formats. If you want to hear your favorite music online, you shouldn’t miss the best websites to download whole albums for free.

Page 8 to download full-length CD albums

There are several websites where you may legally listen to music for free and without worrying about copyright violations. There are several free music download applications that you may install on your mobile device. And it’s true that a good playlist may serve both our everyday use and the content creators’ benefit.

¿Cómo así? For instance, many YouTubers have a hard time finding high-quality music to upload, so having a list of the best sites to get YouTube music (including that without copyright) might help. Do you go on Torrent more often? Take care, we also included an article about how to get free music on Torrent.

Do you want to listen to free music online? Where are you accessing this from? your home or the street without an internet connection? Without further ado, here are the eight most prominent online destinations for downloading whole albums legally and for free; these sites come highly recommended by music lovers everywhere.

The best part is that you’ll have the entire album rather than just a few songs at a time. The benefit is that you can press play once and listen to every song on the album without any breaks.

Possible Points of Intrest: Substitutes for FLVto. Does it still work or has it closed? , How to get music through BitTorrent and download whole albums online totaling 23 pages.

1 Tidal

Tidal claims to have the best audio transmission on the market, making it a top destination for listening to and downloading whole albums of music. The site has good sound quality and a huge collection of music in many genres. Although the site lists over sixty million titles and over two hundred and fifty thousand videos, the fact that it is owned by the famous Jay-Z gives Rap several advantages.


Bandcamp is another free music streaming and downloading platform. Free membership is offered, and you may find musicians ranging from complete unknowns to household names. You may also make your own room unique by furnishing it with digital albums of your choosing.

3 MP3.com

Since MP3.com is one of the oldest websites in the business, it stands to reason that it also has the largest database of any website, from which you may download not only your favourite songs but also whole albums to listen to offline on your portable media player or personal computer.

4 Freesound

Freesound isn’t the best online destination for gaining access to the latest and greatest in popular music, but it does provide a wide variety of free sounds across a wide range of genres and the option to download whole albums.

5 SoundCloud

Soundcloud is essentially the updated version of MySpace. This site’s basic features are free of charge but its more advanced ones will cost you. From classical to jazz, thru pop and R&B, the site covers it all musically. Once you’ve signed up, you may make your own repeat playlist and listen to it as much as you like. Full albums may also be downloaded or uploaded using dedicated apps for both iOS and Android.

6 Tracks from YouTube

With YouTube Music’s free trial offer, you may listen to and download albums and songs offline, commercial-free, for three months. After the introductory period, the monthly fee will increase to €9.99.

7 YouTubeByClick

Youtubebyclick is the best one-click solution for downloading whole music albums. YoutubeByClick is sometimes misunderstood as a basic YouTube downloader while in fact, it is much more than that.

8 JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2 is a website that provides continuous downloading of any and all tracks and albums you choose. The files on this page can be downloaded from various YouTube channels. A YouTube URL or playlist URL may be copied with ease, allowing JDownloader 2 to download all of the playlist’s music in MP3 format.

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