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Zyra Gorecki

Zyra Gorecki Bringing light to the entertainment business

On the set of Zyra Gorecki’s photo shoot with us at BELLO, her happy energy filled the room and made everyone smile. The young and talented actor is the star of LA BREA, an exciting new show that just came out this week. Her hard work and commitment really impress us. At age 13, she was in an accident that caused her left leg to be cut off. This totally changed her life. Even though her life took a turn for the worse, Zyra stayed upbeat, and that made her want to go in a direction where she could help other people. Considering everything that has happened so far, Zyra Gorecki is a name to keep an eye out for.

Congratulations on your role in LA BREA! How are you feeling about the show finally coming out?

I can’t wait until La Brea comes out. Everyone has put in a lot of hard work on this project, and I can’t wait for people to see that.
Do you remember the day you found out you got the part? Explain it.
We were at a Cracker Barrel in Florida when my rep, Debra, called. We couldn’t believe we were making movies at all, let alone in Australia.
During the making of the series, what acting skills of yours stood out? You had to work on others?
Acting taught me that I have a very expressive face and that my eyebrows have their own minds. It took a lot of focus to bring that back and remember that sometimes the smallest words and phrases can say the most.

Tell us about your journey up to this point. What do you think your purpose is?

My life up to this point has made me who I am today. I’ve been through a lot of really cool things and learned some important lessons. I grew up like most kids. Then, when I was 11, my mom’s grandfather got lung cancer. He died in April 2013, and my mom was told she had breast cancer a few months later. My other grandpa lived with us while she was fighting cancer. He had COPD and cancer.

He lived with us for three years before he died in 2015. When I was 13, in 2015, my leg was cut off. Then, I decided I wanted to do something that would give other people ideas, so I chose a model. I looked for a talent agency, and Bravo Talent Management took me on. My agent, Debra, would also send me to try out for roles. We’re here because one thing led to another. When I started this, I had no idea how much I would love what I do.

Can you tell us about something you did when you were young? What do you think you’ve learned?

At age 13, I was in an accident that caused my left leg to be cut off below the knee. It made me a different person in every way. I had seen how gracefully and calmly my mom dealt with her cancer. So, when I woke up without a foot, I had no choice but to accept it and keep moving forward. Because of what happened, I value time spent with people I care about more than anything else. I laugh more because I don’t know when the last time will be. I let myself feel everything to the fullest, and then I move on. Life is too short to do things you don’t love and spend time with people who don’t make your heart happy.

When did you feel like you couldn’t get past something, but you did? Explain.

I had a lot of worry and sadness when I was younger. I felt like there was nothing else besides how bad I felt. It was going downhill and there was no way to stop it, but my mom saved me. When I cried so hard it hurt, she would hold me. She would calm me down when I was scared. She helped me find a counselor I really like. I wouldn’t be here without her. But I did see a doctor and worked hard to get where I am now. Sometimes worry and sadness sneaks up on me, but I know I can ask those I love for help and remember what I learned in therapy.

Tell us more about your active side. What are some important things you like to talk about and stand up for?

Mental health and teaching people about amputees and disabilities are the things that are most important to me. People tend to avoid talking about these things because it makes them feel nervous. I am a representative for Amputee Blade Runners, a great non-profit group. Prices for running blades range from $20,000 to $70,000. Because they are used for fun, insurance won’t cover them. Amputee Blade Runners give busy amputees free moving legs. Basically, they give them the choice to do something again. With an insurance-covered artificial leg, it’s hard and painful to work out. It’s about someone who runs a race wearing wooden shoes.

Tell us about how your family worked when you were a kid.

When I was growing up, my family was very close. My dad is a bridge builder and a carpenter, so he worked a lot over the summer. My mom quit her job to take care of my sister and me. Every holiday, my whole extended family got together to celebrate. My family also likes to go on car trips. My grandparents and I have always been close.

Three interesting things about you.

I love libraries. These places are really magical. 2. My grandpa’s class ring is one of my most treasured things, and I share it with my grandma. I rarely leave the house without it. My grandma is also one of the most interesting, strong, and funny people you will ever meet. 3. My first car was a Chevy truck from 2002 which I got from my uncle. I really like that truck.
Your next move.

I don’t know what to do next. Though, I think it would be fun to be in an action movie or a cartoon movie.

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