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Although it is not an officially supported app by WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus is an improved version of WhatsApp with extra features that will please even the pickiest of users. These improvements include enhanced security and personalization options that can be implemented directly within WhatsApp’s code. Because of this, WhatsApp+ may have some advantages over the official version of the app and some disadvantages.

Due to the fact that it is not an official release, this WhatsApp modification cannot be purchased from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. Despite this, blue WhatsApp can be downloaded from reputable sources. Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the premium version of WhatsApp, which you can get for free and with little hassle right now in its updated 2022 form.

Características de WhatsApp Plus

As we’ve already mentioned, WhatsApp+ has a few notable features:

Capa extra de privacidad

This updated version allows you to block specific contacts while allowing the rest of your network to view your profile picture and eliminates the need to manually change your settings to remove the blue checkmark, change your connection status, or view the time.

Bloquear messages

Sometimes you just need a break and don’t feel like seeing certain contacts’ chats without completely blocking them. Here, you can choose to prevent chats from popping up in your window, though callers will still be able to get in touch with you.

Emojis extra

Tired of the same old emotional blubbering? If you want to spice up your conversations, you can get some new ones to use with this version. That’s right; the recipient must also have WhatsApp+ installed on their device. In the same way, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to send around your stickers as you would on WhatsApp.

Temas personalizados

You’ll be able to upload custom backgrounds and interfaces for the app in addition to the standard options, allowing you to mix and match colors and tones to your heart’s content. To set yourself apart from your peers, try using original themes.

Anular envío/recepción de chats

You’ll be able to unsend conversations with a single click, and even erase the ones you’ve already read so the other person has no idea whether or not they were sent. Sending and receiving messages will be more private and secure as a result.

Imágenes y videos de gran tamaño en HD

With WhatsApp Plus, you can send large files without worrying about exceeding the maximum limit of 50GB, which should be more than enough for most situations. You’ll be given the option to significantly reduce the size of your videos if you so want. All images are sent at their highest possible resolution, preventing the quality loss that frequently occurs in the official WhatsApp client. The same is true for your states!

Ventajas de usar WhatsApp Plus

It’s obvious that there are immediate benefits to using this software compared to the original version, such as:

Other features: as you may have seen, you may use a wide variety of options to tailor your experience while chatting with friends, such as new emoticons, additional themes, etc.
Extraordinarily discreet: Instead of broadcasting your online status like the original Whatsapp (also known as wasp or grasp), Whatsapp Secret allows you to keep your online activity and other personal details private.
Multicuentas: Allows you to switch between business and personal accounts without having to juggle several sim cards.

Desventajas de usar WhatsApp Plus

As it’s impossible to pretend that this program isn’t a hack, we’ll lay out the dangers so you can make an informed choice:

You are not guaranteed anything: That is to say, the developers of this program will not be held liable if your mobile device is damaged as a result of using it.
Reduced level of privacy: Although it is true that WhatsApp is quite private for certain things, you actually have no idea where your messages end up because they do not travel through WhatsApp itself.
Your account might be blocked. Also, they are constantly checking to see whether their users are abusing their servers, as the program itself relies on them. If you are temporarily blocked, it will only be for a few days.

A Comparison between WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus

While they share many similarities and it may be difficult to tell them apart at first glance, there are some key distinctions to keep in mind.

Customization options include changing the app’s menu and color scheme, making it seem completely unique from the WhatsApp original.
Other options: hide your status and other details, remove file size constraints, and so forth.
Official Shop: Obviously, the Plus version isn’t available in the Play Store or the App Store, so you’ll have to get the installer from other sources.
Free and open-source software: The WhatsApp original app cannot be modified, in contrast to WhatsApp Plus, which has the benefits we’ve already discussed but may also compromise your security.
In terms of legality, it should go without saying that WhatsApp Plus is not legitimate; it is a modified version of the official program, and as such, it is not without its risks.
Seguridad. However, since it’s not a legit build, you’re more vulnerable to exploits.
For those curious, here’s an explanation of what the Blue WhatsApp Plus is all about:

Because of its distinctive blue symbol, WhatsApp Plus is sometimes referred to by that name, however, the two apps are really interchangeable. Thus, if you want to get the latest version of the app, we’ll tell you how to do it for free down below.

Cómo instalar WhatsApp Plus original

First, get the APK file we give you and follow these instructions:

Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Accept will enable third-party app use.
Search for the APK file you downloaded, tap it, and the installation will begin.

How do you install WhatsApp Plus on an iPhone?

But you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to access the app store. So, in sum, you’ll require:

Making a backup copy of your Apple device for added security.
To perform a jailbreak using the proper tool.
Download and install Cydia so you can get WhatsApp Plus.
Keep in mind that being a modified app increases the risk of having your Whatsapp account blocked.
Minimum System Requirements for WhatsApp Plus Latest Version

In terms of functionality, WhatsApp Plus’s APK isn’t that different from the original version of WhatsApp. So, there aren’t any stringent prerequisites for having it on our mobile devices. Want to know what you’ll need to get WhatsApp+ quickly and easily? We’ll tell you right now:

Recent version number check: 19.35.12
Disk Space Required: 61 MB
Android 4.4 or above is required for compatibility.

How to Get Rid of WhatsApp Plus

It’s just as easy as using any other program. Locate the app’s icon and hold it down until the option to uninstall appears. When you do this, you will be given the option to remove any associated multimedia content or to keep it on your mobile device.

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