What is the Rice Purity Test? What Does My Score Mean? Everything You Should Know about Rice Purity Test


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What is the Rice Purity Test What Does My Score Mean Everything You Should Know about Rice Purity Test-feature

A Rice Purity Test consists of 100 questions and examines a person’s innocence in the arena of worldly sin, with 100 being the greatest degree of purity and 0 signifying the lowest. Included are inquiries about interactions, actions, and pursuits that fall beyond the realm of virtue. Upon answering each question, a person is just needed to pick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

In 1924, this poll was first conducted at Rice University in Houston, Texas, to evaluate students’ growth as people and to encourage group cohesiveness. A number of improvements have been made to the Rice Purity Test throughout the years in order to achieve its current form. This social activity has long ago moved to the internet, where it is quite popular.

What does my Score Mean?

According to car repair, the score ranges between 0 and 100, with a higher score indicating more purity.

Score Meaning
100 to 98 You’re as good as gold in every way There aren’t many people in this bunch.
97 to 94 It’s easy to see that you have no impurities. There’s a chance you were kissed or hugged by someone.
93 to 77 Generally speaking, you are a good person. You probably have loved at least one person in your life.
76 to 45 Your innocence corrupts you. You’ve been into a lot of mischief, used drugs, and/or gotten in problems with the authorities in the past.
44 to 9 Your innocence has been severely compromised. You have probably done some serious drugs, been in prison, and/or had a public sex encounter.
8 to 0 Your dishonesty is unparalleled. One of your most extreme behaviours is exchanging money for closeness.


1. Is the Rice purity test safe?

Well, kind of. So many individuals have taken it since it is so well-liked. Be aware, nevertheless, that your parents may find some terms associated with sexual acts to be objectionable.

2. What is the average Rice Purity score?

For those aged 18 and under, the price is $91.12, for those aged 25 to 34, $75.62, and for those aged 35 and over, $63.77.

3. What is the average Rice Purity score for boys?


4. What is the average Rice Purity score for girls?


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