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A customer relationship management (CRM) system that assists in managing all conversations with leads and customers is known as a real estate CRM. Every year, CRM solutions play a bigger role in both the performance of real estate agents’ brokerages and their everyday job. The ideal real estate CRM will be tailored to the sector and include tools for email and SMS communication, lead follow-up, and click-to-call functionality.

Even though they weren’t designed expressly for the real estate sector, many of the CRM systems now accessible to companies may be tailored to meet the requirements of real estate agents. However, some CRMs incorporate technologies that increase the CRM’s effectiveness for agents. The CRM solutions on this list were all created with real estate agents in mind and are some of our favourites available today.


We took into account all the elements that make a real estate agent’s demands particular and significant while deciding on the finest CRM for real estate agents. We examined everything, including availability of features particular to the real estate business, affordability, and convenience of use. Let’s examine the most crucial factors that affected our recommendations:

Ease of use

We desired software that was simple to use and browse without requiring any adaptations, as well as one that is simple to modify when necessary without the assistance of a tech staff. The more a CRM system merely fits with an agent’s normal workflow, the better since agents don’t have a lot of additional time to master a sophisticated CRM system.


All of the choices on this list had to be reasonably priced considering what they each had to offer. To determine if each option is a strong contender to utilise in comparison to the competition, the value for the money you’ll have to pay was weighed.

Features and capabilities

We looked at how the features suited the particular requirements of real estate teams and agents. Since some clients won’t give them repeat business for years, real estate salespeople require more direct messaging options with simple access to history. It was essential to be able to readily connect with leads, prospects, and previous customers in a variety of methods.

Customer service

Due to the fact that many real estate agents lack access to a tech staff, customer support for any products might be crucial. Customer support is important when choosing any programme, but it’s more important when choosing a CRM that you’ll use every week since you could require assistance setting up connectors or simply to get the software working.


The many technologies that real estate agents utilise should be connected with their primary CRM. Instead of attempting to use different applications and uncover information that may be easily accessible with an integration, this saves time and effort. Because of this, a key component of our suggestions was the availability of connectors and the simplicity of deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A CRM is what?

You may utilize a CRM as a software platform to collect customer data that you can then share with other members of your employees and internal teams. This enables your staff to generate chances that will enable them to boost sales and bring on long-term customers for your company.

Why are CRMs necessary for real estate agents?

Real estate agents may better manage interactions with prospects, leads, and clients by using a CRM system. It enables you to centralize all of your contacts and communication data so you can rapidly convert new clients and retarget existing ones.

How can I choose a reputable real estate CRM?

The finest real estate CRM should expedite your interactions with clients and prospects and be designed with the real estate market in mind. It should include tools for managing the contact and lead pipeline as well as simple communication. Make sure the CRM you choose is tailored to the real estate sector and fits your unique use case.

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