Purple Mattress Powder Lawsuit: 7 FAQs About Purple Mattress Lawsuit


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Instead of a unitard, all you need is some Hyper-Elastic Polymer(tm) Smart Comfort Grid(tm) clothing. The comfort of Purple(r) goods is one of the reasons for the recent Purple Mattress Lawsuit.
More than 20 years ago, Purple’s founders developed this technology using robust, pliable, and sensitive materials. This technology can neither be replicated nor surpassed.

Where and When did it all start?

Honest Mattress Reviews was established by Ryan Monahan. He made this site so that those who were thinking about buying a mattress could read objective evaluations from real people.
Purple perplexed him by sending him sleep surfaces treated with anti-tack powder. What this was, and whether or not it was safe to breathe, were mysteries to him.
He repeatedly emailed the firm, asking whether they knew what the powder in their mattresses was for, but never heard back.
Purple has refuted the allegations made by Monahan, calling them baseless and unfounded. According to them, Purple’s reputation in the mattress market is being sabotaged by Ghostbed CEO Mark Werner and Monahan.
Purple first sued Monahan & Werner in connection with the mattress controversy. Even though they claim to have no relationship, both the plaintiff and the defendant must ask the court to stop the Honest Mattress Reviews website from publishing incorrect material.

Purple asserts that they have the resources to invest in more than 30 years’ worth of research developing safe goods, despite the uncertainty that surrounds them. Dr. Tchoungi’s revolutionary idea started with “The heated pillow.”

How has the Purple Mattress Lawsuit turned out?

Defendants and GhostBed’s Chief Brand Officer, Monahan, were linked by Purple’s investigation. Although Monahan continues in his role as marketing director, he formed this company to conceal his ties to the company’s main competitor, Honest Mattress Reviews.
The Court agreed with the Purple defamation campaign. By way of their third-party contractor, GhostBed forked up $10,000 monthly to Monahan. These results demonstrate their intent to damage GhostBed’s image in an effort to boost sales of their competing bedding products.
The Court’s Definitive Ruling in the Purple Mattress Dispute
Judge Bee Denson issues a preliminary injunction in Purple’s favor. According to the injunction, Monahan and Werner were dishonest in their contacts with consumers and fabricated evidence regarding Purple’s mattress in order to support their case.
Purple Mattress Litigation: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Purple Mattress Safe Powder?

Yes. The use of purple won’t endanger either you or the planet. The purple polyethylene copolymer used in our mattresses and in everyday applications has been rigorously tested and shown to be perfectly safe.

Second, can I safely inhale the powder?

The powder inhalation tests on the mattress came out negative. Every day at work or at home, you might as well be eating small dust particles because of the amount of dust in the air.

Thirdly, can you safely touch the purple powder on your mattress?

Absolutely! Plastic food containers and infant sunscreen have a surprising number of ingredients. Many women also use powder cosmetics like blush and foundation because they contain this ingredient.

Backache with the Purple Mattress powder?

If you sleep on a purple pillow, your spine will be protected. This is not the mattress for you if you have a stomach sleeping preference. When people awake from

sleep, they often feel greater discomfort or stiffness than before.

Do you need to flip a purple mattress?

Purple mattresses aren’t just a trendy hue. They don’t need to be rotated because they are composed of high-quality materials. Every three months is a good interval to switch them out. In that amount of time, the upper side of your mattress will have turned.

What are the finest sheets for a Purple mattress?

The components of a Purple Mattress are superior. You’ll need a sheet that goes with it. The breathability of bamboo viscose or cotton makes them excellent options.

Can heavier people sleep comfortably on a purple mattress?

In a word, yes! Purple mattresses are ideal for heavy individuals because they strike the ideal balance between softness and firmness, two qualities that are essential for a good night’s rest. Purple’s proprietary gel polymer provides a luxurious four-inch sleeping surface.


People who require it can find relief and support in Purple’s Hyperelastic Polymer(tm) and Smart Comfort Grid(TM). The mattress may be rolled up and shipped to you in a single box. Your feedback on how our innovative technology has improved your daily life is much appreciated.

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