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About Peaky Blinders Season 7, we have both good and terrible news to share with you. We advise you to read this article in order to learn about both stories. Let’s have a look at the information we have so far discovered for you. You can find all you need right here. Let’s get going.

Let’s start with the bad news before moving on to the positive. The bad news is that Peaky Blinders won’t be back for a seventh season. In January 2021, it was revealed that the acclaimed series will come to an end. Fans were shocked by the revelation, in fact. For the excellent news that follows, keep reading.

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In an interview with Deadline on January 18, Knight stated that although the show would conclude with season 6, the tale of the Shelby family will continue and be revisited in some other capacity. We think this will be the finest series ever, and we know our adoring fans will agree, adds Knight. “While the TV series will be ending, the tale will still be told, only in a different way.

Why won’t there be a Peaky Blinders season 7?

There are a number of causes for its cancellation. The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic is one of the main causes.

The initial plan was to produce seven episodes, but COVID snatched a year from us, so Steven Knight said, “We thought it would be a terrific idea to, virtually in place of that seventh series, go onto the big screen.”

Although there won’t be a seventh season of the main Peaky Blinders television series, there will be a feature film and perhaps a spin-off series, according to some sources.
Will There Be Continuation of Peaky Blinders? Yeah, the story is not over yet. In the upcoming months, Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson will start filming the movie.

Peaky Blinders’ sixth and final season has just been released on Netflix, but Tommy Shelby and his Birmingham crew’s narrative is far from done. Steven Knight, the show’s creator, said in 2021 that the PB’s storyline will be adapted for the big screen.

Which Season Was The Most Watched Season of Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders’ fifth season received the most viewers on the BBC. The BBC received attention from millions of viewers as a result. Peaky Blinders is available to stream on Netflix and the UK’s BBC iPlayer if you want to see all the episodes again. The last season will debut on BBC in February 2022.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions
Is Peaky Blinders season 7 Cancelled?

Peaky Blinders’ sixth and final season recently debuted on Netflix, but it appears that there will be more seasons to come. Steven Knight, the show’s creator, said in 2021 that the story of the PB will continue on film rather than ending the show’s tenure on television.

Will there be a Peaky Blinders movie?

In a Heart Morning Show interview, Knight verified the information and said that the movie will be shot in Birmingham, the actual hometown of the Peaky Blinders gang.

Who was Polly’s murderer in Peaky Blinders?

Aunt Polly was assassinated by the Irish Republican Army off-screen during the attempted murder of Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin) in the Season 5 finale, according to the Season 6 premiere.


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A British criminal drama television programme called Peaky Blinders airs. Steven Knight is the author of the series. Birmingham, UK is the setting. revolves around the crimes committed by the Peaky Blinders gang in the years following World War One. The show has six seasons in all, the sixth of which is its final installment, and a seventh is no longer planned. Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight announced that the series would resume in 2021 even if season 7 has been cancelled.

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