Mercadona cerca de mi ubicación: encuentra el más próximo a ti


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mercadona cerca de mi

Mercadona has been serving customers in various parts of Spain since 1977, and it is now also available in Portugal. As there are 1632 Mercadona stores in total, you’ll have no trouble finding one near you that sells what you need.

Even so, you might not be sure of the precise location of the Mercadona in your area. For this reason, in the following lines, we will list the means by which you can locate the nearest one.

2 formas de encontrar el Mercadona más cercano

You can locate a Mercadona store near you in two main ways: via the official website or via the Google Maps app. There are also a couple of extra tricks that will come in handy, and we’ll go over those with you in a bit.

En la web de Mercadona

Locating a nearby Mercadona is easiest through the company’s official website. What you should do is as follows:

Visit the Mercadona website here:
You should click “Supermercados” in the top-right corner of the options menu. You can also scroll all the way down the page and click the “Locate Supermarkets” entry there.

If you choose any of the aforementioned methods, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your city of residence, postal code, or physical address.

You can also press the “Use my current location” button that appears beneath your browser. The results you get will depend on how much you embrace the use of your location.

In any case, you’ll have access to a handy map showing the closest Mercadona stores to you. To learn more about a particular store, such as whether or not it offers to park, its precise location, its contact information, and its business hours, simply click on the one that piques your interest.

You can either manually choose the closest branch or use the system’s suggested window.

Google Maps, Negative

Google Maps is an app that unquestionably makes our travels easier, but it will also prove to be quite useful if you’re looking for the closest Mercadona. Follow these steps to achieve your goal:

Launch Google Maps (make sure you have Internet access first).
Enter “Mercadona” into your browser’s search bar and hit the “Search” button.
The application will provide a list of the various businesses that are closest to your current location. Those closest to you will show up first on the list.
Pick the one that sounds most reasonable to you. See if it is open at the time of your search by checking the little legend next to each result.
Press the “Como llegar” entry under the “Resumen” section to see the available travel options inside the same app, whether you like to travel by foot or car.

The added advice is to check out the “Reviews” section, where past customers have left ratings and comments about the store.

Some other options

To find a Mercadona close to you, there are at least two more options worth considering. Keep the store’s paper catalogs for reference.

You may get a list of stores close to the one you just left by asking for a promotional catalog when you make a purchase. The online catalog has a comprehensive list.

Just type it into Google and see what comes up.

For this, you’ll need to ensure your smartphone’s location services are turned on. If you type in “Mercado” or “Mercadona store near me,” a list of nearby locations will appear in a table. Keep in mind that you’ll need Google Maps access in order to view the rest of the store’s information as well.

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