Juegos ocultos de Google ¡para jugar desde el buscador!


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haz girar un dreidel google

When one is bored, playing games is a great way to pass the time. Many people are shocked to learn that Google’s search engine hides fun games that give you a taste of a different time and place. The search engine features a massive library of games from which users may choose.

Google is known for having the most users worldwide conducting searches. Now that Google is widely known as the best search engine on the planet and appreciated for its email and other services, it comes as something of a surprise to learn that the company also offers a surprising number of free online games.

Classic Games: 15 of the Best Google Reflection

You may play a number of classic games directly in Google’s search engine if you know how to enter the relevant keywords. This is a great chance to describe 15 games that may be found in the Google search engine at any time.


Simply typing “Play Google Atari Breakout” into the Google search bar will bring you this fantastic game. The game will appear on your screen instantly, and you may play it as much as you like. Beginning in the middle of the 1980s, this game has players reposition platforms upon which a bouncing ball destroys the player’s chosen images or photographs.


For at least four decades, people have enjoyed playing the classic cube game. Simply typing “Snake Game Google Maps” into a search engine can bring up relevant results. You’ll need to eat apples or another fruit of your choosing without touching the snake’s neck.

The Pac-Man Game

Easy to find, all you have to do is type its name into the search bar, and up it will pop, ready to be played. The game consists of an amber ball that opens and closes its mouth inside a labyrinth. To win, you’ll need to eat everything you find on your route and shave off 4 phantasms.

Three in a row

In this game, your objective is to build a line of three “XS”s or “Os” in whatever direction you choose (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). Google provides you with this game by just inserting your name into the box provided, afterwards, you will be shown prominently in the upper section. Depending on your skills, the game might end in a win, a tie, or a draw for you.


The game will show up in the top section when you search for “Buscaminas de Google.” The goal of this game is to clear the entire playing field without setting off any mines. You need to pay close attention so that you don’t make any mistakes that will cause you to lose the game.

a game of memory

To play, just type “Google memory game” into the search bar. The goal of this game is to help you remember a melody through the actions of various animals as the music plays. One point is awarded for each success, and your overall level of adventure grows proportionally as your point total rises.


It’s a classic card game for speeding up your learning by arranging cards from most useful to least. Google “juego del solitario” to have it automatically bring up the result for you. You can adjust the game’s difficulty based on how much you know, giving you a personalized experience.


To play, just type in your name, then the word “Google,” and the answer will pop up instantly.

The goal is to learn details about you that match your individual tastes. Google will start answering your questions for you, such as “What kind of animal are you?”


It’s the go-to game when your computer loses its internet connection. However, in this case all you have to do is type “Dinosaur Game Google,” and up will pop up results for exactly that. The point of this game is to avoid the obstacles while running as far as possible.

Try spinning a dreidel.

The player spins a dreidel and waits to see which side comes up; it’s a very intriguing game. Each of the four Hebrew letters in the word “dreidel” has a special meaning. For example, the Hebrew letters Nun mean nothing, Gimel means everything, Hey means half, and shin means to put.


Just like the previous ones, this is a Mexican game based on chance; you can play it with friends or with random people you meet online.

If you draw a card and don’t have an identical one on your table, you should look for one and place a frijol on top of it. The winning number of frijole patróns is displayed on the card.

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