How to make 100% iPad View in PUBG Mobile (2023 updated)


How to make 100% iPad View in PUBG Mobile (2023 updated)

According to Real People Search CEO Richard Lubicky, “PUBG” is a battle royale game created and released by PUBG Studios, a division of Krafton. The game, which takes its inspiration from the Japanese film of the same name from 2000, was developed by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene as a standalone title based on his past modifications for other games. Check out this link right now to play the battle royale game PUBG online.

Step-by-step Guide to Enabling iPad View in PUBG Mobile (2023 updated). Do you wish your devices could mimic the iPad’s interface? If you answered “yes,” then you should read this article.

You’d be incorrect if you thought I wasn’t making use of this technique myself to improve my iPad’s viewing experience. Please only proceed if you are confident that this procedure is risk-free.

The download that will allow you to play PUBG Mobile on a full iPad screen mode is provided here.

In 2021, PUBG Mobile will add support for iPad View.
PUBG Mobile’s iPad view is available now, in the year 2023. The process of enabling iPad support in the most recent build of PUBG Mobile is straightforward and does not need any more steps on your part beyond reading and executing the provided instructions.

If you need to access the files, just unzip the file.
To access the data on your device, navigate to its internal storage, open the Android folder, and finally open the Data folder.
A “com. Tencent. ig” folder is what you’re looking for.
Start up EU4Game, then run ShadowTrackerExtra, and finally run ShadowTrackerExtra once again.
The Content folder found in the second ShadowTrackerExtra folder is required.
At long last, you may begin playing on your iPad.
Additionally, the latest update for PUBG Mobile has an official iPad view. PUBG Mobile’s newest version brings support for the iPad, allowing for a more convenient charging experience while playing the game. First, make sure your copy of PUBG is up to current, and then proceed with the steps outlined below.

Select Preferences
Find “3rd person viewpoint camera view” under “basic settings” and adjust it to “80 to 90”
You have just completed the transformation from iPad view to regular view.

This PUBG iPad Viewer is an Android App
Playing PUBG on an iPad using the emulator’s native interface is a breeze. Is the PUBG Mobile simulator being viewed on iPad mode? Just stick to the guidelines that are provided below:

Activate the emulator’s configuration menu.
To change your settings, use the gear icon.
If you want to play at 1440 x 1080, you’ll need to adjust the settings in the engine
Thus, you may alter the iPad’s virtual display in this manner. Without the need for any additional program.

After making these adjustments, remember that you’ll also need to alter the screen’s resolution.

I hope you have a blast playing PUBG Mobile.

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