Finding Deleted Tweets? Here’s How to Do It?


Finding Deleted Tweets Here’s How to Do it

Have you mistakenly or purposefully deleted tweets that you now regret doing? The main concern that the majority of you have is what happened to my tweets. And let’s be honest, if any of it is accurate, Twitter won’t let you get them back. Anyway will not work to bring them back.

But there are various efficient ways to achieve it if you wish to recover deleted tweets. Anytime you feel like it, you can copy them, retweet them, or use them as references.

Where To Look For Deleted Tweets

There are various additional options listed below in addition to the Twitter archive approach. These involve the use of third-party applications, which require your username and password to access. Use of these is risk-free.

1.Access the archive of tweets

Are you aware that Twitter keeps a copy of every tweet every user ever makes? If not, it is a truth to be aware of, and with that information, you can locate deleted tweets. To achieve the greatest outcomes, each stage must be carefully completed.

Go to Twitter’s official website. After that, enter your login name and password to log into your account.

Find your profile icon after logging in and click it. then choose “Settings and Privacy” from the drop-down menu.

The menu will appear as a dropdown. Choose “Account” from the menu. Next, select “Twitter Data.” To verify your Twitter account, enter your password correctly one more time.

Search for and select the “Request Archive” option from the menu.

Have you correctly completed the aforementioned steps? If so, Twitter will make an archive of the tweets you’ve deleted. Your registered email address, which you used to log into your Twitter account, will get a message from the Twitter staff.

Download the archive file from the registered mail as soon as you receive the email. You must select “Download Now” from the menu. After that, a compressed folder will have downloaded to your desktop.

Simply extracting the folder is all that is required. There, if you do a search for “index.html,” you can find deleted tweets.

Looking at deleted tweets is one of the simple methods. Is it not simple? Well! Let’s investigate some further alternatives. You should know that the email containing the Twitter archive file is only valid for 30 days. It implies that after 30 days, you won’t be able to access it. Furthermore, you are not permitted to submit a new request during the 30-day period.

2. Use the Wayback Machine to find deleted tweets

You can store all the data from your Twitter account on the website Wayback Machine. You can use it to seek up deleted tweets without giving out your login information. Let’s now look at how to read deleted tweets using the Wayback Machine.

Go to in a new tab in the browser.

Utilize your user ID and password to access your Twitter account.

To view your deleted tweets from your Twitter profile, copy the link there now.

Open the Wayback Machine website once it has been copied. Look at the search field, which is immediately above. Copy the link, then paste it to begin searching.

The list of all the results will then appear. Choose a URL depending on the information.

Now select the precise day and year you want to view your deleted tweets by opening the Wayback Machine calendar. It will open a new Twitter snapshot when you choose the time.

And that’s it! Now that the file has been created, you can search through it for the deleted tweets.

Remember that the Wayback Machine only displays data as of the snapshot date and time, not the current date or time. The Wayback Machine can also be used in another manner. You can do this by using the dropdown menu that the add-ons provide. Here is how to search deleted tweets using it.

Right at the top of your screen is the add-ons menu for the browser. Please left-click on the Wayback Machine symbol after looking for it.

You should click on the Tweets symbol link box to see the most current public tweets on Twitter.

The deleted tweets will then appear. To locate previously deleted tweets, look through tweets, retweets, replies, etc.

3. Using Google Cache

Utilizing Google Cache is another quick and efficient method to view deleted tweets. The question now is how to use Google Cache to recover deleted tweets. Well! Here are your options.


Look for the search bar and enter both your Twitter username and it.

Just underneath your name, tap the inverted arrow, and then choose the “Cached” option. You’re done now!

You will be able to view all of the previously deleted tweets if you follow this procedure. To ensure that it displays the desired results, make sure that your cache has not been erased.

4. Using the Native Advanced Search on Twitter

One of the safest ways to find deleted tweets on Twitter is definitely to use the Native Advanced search option. This method is the one for you if you are concerned about your data because third-party apps are typically not as rapidly trustworthy. You only need to:

Open the Advanced Search Page on Twitter.

Enter your username in the “From this Accounts” field under the subheading “Accounts” by clicking on that heading.

You would have to provide the start and finish dates you wish to look into under another subheading of “Dates.”

To search for all tweets between the specified time period, click the search box.

You can check out the ‘Word’ subsection in addition to following the instructions previously suggested. You can enter a few keywords from your deleted tweet there to locate it. The ‘Word’ area offers a number of alternatives, including:

All of these words (all of the tweet’s words)

This precise phrase (the one that appeared in the tweet)

whichever of these words (Any of the words listed in the tweet may be present.)

None of these terms (none of the written words are present in the tweet)

The hashtags mentioned in this communication (those hashtags)

Select the language for your tweet.


Previously known as Twipu, is now the website’s address. Using this third-party tool, you can look up deleted tweets. This third-party app cannot be as dependable and trustworthy as the approach previously indicated because it is a third party.

This website makes it simple to locate deleted tweets. Simply search for your username or the username of the person whose deleted tweets you want to see. All of that person’s tweets will now be visible on your screen.

6.Using Snapbird

Another reputable third-party tool is Snapbird. It is safe to do so even though it prompts you to enter your username and password. You cannot use it to access your deleted tweets, though. It’s far cooler than that, though.

Using this, you may obtain your entire timeline. You may quickly access your earlier tweets, the amount of likes and retweets they received, the tweets that have mentioned you in the past, the tweets of your followers, the tweets of others, your messages, the favorite tweet of another account, and much more. For further information, see Does Twitter erase old tweets.

How Can I See Deleted Tweets From Someone?

If you don’t know how to read someone’s deleted tweets but would like to. Here’s how to view someone’s deleted tweets in that case. While using the SnapBird, you can accomplish that efficiently in addition to the aforementioned alternate methods. A website for deleted tweets is called Snapbird. By using the actions listed below, you can view deleted tweets.

Utilize any available browser to visit SnapBird’s official website.

You must type in the username and password for your Twitter account. It is necessary for Twitter account authentication. Your tweets must be accessible to Snapbird. Therefore, make sure the ID and password you enter are accurate. (SnapBird won’t post anything on your timeline without getting your consent.)

It will link to your Twitter account after the authentication process is finished. Following that, you can perform a direct search for a Twitter user’s tweets. You will see every deleted tweet.

It is both practical and creative to see deleted tweets in this way. You must purchase Snapbird’s premium version if you wish to see direct messages or tweets that reference you. If you decide it’s worthwhile, you can upgrade your Snapbird basic plan to the premium plan.


It can be upsetting to remove tweets that you felt were important to save. But using the aforementioned techniques, we believe you can easily recover deleted tweets. Before listing them below, we are testing each approach. Tell us which approach you choose and why.

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