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Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo is widely known as the daughter of Rosalino “Chalino” Sánchez Félix and Marisela Vallejos.

His father was a famous narcocorridos singer from the region of Mexico where he was from. The older brother of Cynthia was also a well-known Mexican singer, just like his father.

Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo Parents
Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo Parents
Chalino, her father, was born in “Las Flechas,” a small ranch in Sinaloa. He was from a poor family, but he always wanted to be a singer. Marisela Vallejos is Cynthia’s mother’s name.

In 1984, Marisela Vallejos and Chalino Vallejos got married in a small, simple wedding. When they got married, Marisela was already pregnant with Adán, Cynthia’s older brother. After he was born, God gave the pair another child, Cynthia.

Chalino, her father, had a very hard time growing up. When he was 15 years old, in 1975, a guy raped his sister. Two years later, when he saw that man at a party, he wanted to get even, so he shot him and ran away to Tijuana. He worked as an illegal immigrant broker in Tijuana, Mexico, and then moved to Oregon, US, without papers.

After a while, he left Orgon to live with his aunt in Los Angeles, where he worked as a cook, sold cars, and brought drugs across the border. Chalino also helped his brother cross the border illegally.

During that time, Cynthia’s father met her mother through a cousin and tied them together. The death of her father’s brother Armando made him want to write. He wrote his first song after this terrible event, and he didn’t stop writing after that. He even wrote while he was in jail. He was getting paid for his songs, which led him to start singing in a Mexican style. Chalino’s first tape of songs was made in 1989.

Cynthia Sánchez Father: chalino’s Murder

On May 15, 1992, someone in the crowd sent Chalino a note while he was playing at the Salon Bugambilias in Culiacán.

It had been exactly four months since Chalino had a shootout with Eduardo Gallego on stage during his show at Coachella. Chalino probably thought the note was a death threat, so he folded it up and went to perform.

Chalino crumples up a note before singing “Alma Enamorada” on a video recording of the song.

Chalino left the club with his brothers and some other friends when it closed. When they were on their way, a group of armed people stopped them and asked Chalino to join them in their car because they looked like state police.

The next morning, May 16, 1992, Chalino, who was 31 years old, was found dead near an irrigation ditch on Highway 15 with two bullet holes in the back of his head. Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo’s mother lost her husband when Cynthia’s father died.

Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo Brother, Adán Sánchez Death

Adán Santos Sánchez Vallejo was born in 1984, and 12 years later, his father was killed. He died in 2004. Adán was a lot like his father. His name, Adán Chalino Sánchez, was a tribute to his father, Chalino Sánchez. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a Regional Mexican singer.

A week after the show, on March 27, 2004, Sanchez took a road trip to promote himself through Sinaloa, the state where his father was born. He was going to a show in Tuxpan, Nayarit, Mexico, in his father’s 1990 Lincoln Town Car.

On the road between Rosario and Escuinapa, the car tire blew out. The accident happened because Adán lost control of the car, according to the cops. This accident gave him many serious head injuries, and he died at just 19 years old.

Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo Age

No one knows how old Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo is for sure because neither her mother nor she has said it in public. But we can get a rough idea since she was born after her brother Adán Chalino. Adán was born in 1984, and Marisela and Chalino Vallejos had Cynthia a few years after the birth of Adán. So we can say that Cynthia is in the middle of her 30s.

How much money does Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo have

Cynthia Sánchez Vallejo’s net worth is unknown, but her businesswoman mother has a huge net worth of about $3 million. Also, when her father died, he was worth about $1.4 million, which was left to his family, which included Cynthia, her mother, and her brother Adán, who is no longer alive.

Her Social Media Presence

Cynthia is not very well known, like her late father and brother. She is busy on Instagram, though, and generally shares her photos with the people who follow her. There are also a lot of Cynthia fan pages with beautiful pictures of her.

Final Conclusion:

Cynthia Sánchez is a brave woman who has been through a lot of bad things in her youth and is now living her life in private. But her mother is often seen in public for real estate issues, but she also stays away from the media after the deaths of her husband and son. At the moment, they live in the US and lead normal lives.

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