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Most of us are familiar with CouchTuner since it is the best choice for watching TV shows and movies for free. CouchTuner TV’s streaming service was a handy way to watch any episode of any network TV show online for free. It was an ordinary man, a CouchTuner, and I appreciated how straightforward its UI was. CouchTuner’s primary site,, allows users to watch their favourite TV shows in high definition without having to deal with annoying advertisements, spyware/adware, surveys, or registration.

CouchTuner not working for you? Are you trying to find a different method to get into CouchTuner? In the event that you have locked yourself out of CouchTuner, there are a few ways to get back in. However, the best options are the CouchTuner Proxy and CouchTuner Mirror sites. However, you will agree with me that “locating active CouchTuner Proxies is not a simple task.”

With the recent domain name change, however, many users are now unable to access CouchTuner. Since this is the case, they are unable to use their internet connection to gain access to CouchTuner. You can watch free TV shows in HD quality without having to sign up for anything or create an account on any of the sites like CouchTuner that I will list below if CouchTuner ever stopped working on your PC.

Websites That Serve as a Mirror for CouchTuner
Check out these links to learn how to unblock Couchtuner: and
Couchtuner’s main site may be blocked by your internet service provider or institution of higher education.

TOR Browser

To communicate incognito online, we make use of a collection of networks known as TOR (The Onion Router). Therefore, any blocked website can be accessed using this browser.


Since the proxy site is not encrypted, a virtual private network is a safer alternative. Their whereabouts can be determined with relative ease. however VPNs are not subject to such restrictions.
There are many different VPNs available, but some of the most well-known ones are Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost VPN, TorGuard VPN, Express VPN, Pure VPN, etc.

Sites like Couchtuner

Look at the table below to see what options you have besides CouchTuner. CouchTuner is the most popular, and the sites below are the best free TV streaming websites, allowing users to freely watch any TV series or TV episode in any style, including anime/cartoons in Full HD. This hand-picked collection of sites, including the popular one CouchTuner, is dedicated to you. In addition to television programmes, many of these sites also let you watch full-length movies without paying a dime. Therefore, some of these alternatives to CouchTuner are superior to CouchTuner. Look them over carefully.


You can watch free movies in Hindi and English on Movie4u. With the convenience of online movie streaming, you can watch a wide selection of recent and critically acclaimed films right here. New Bollywood movies will soon be available for online viewing.


123Movies has nearly all the hallmarks of a premium streaming service, including an intuitive interface, well-organized content, and a sizable library. The number of annoying pop-up ads decreased over time, but there are still plenty of them whenever you watch a movie or TV show. 123Movies is aware that these advertisements can be frustrating at times, so the service provides an ad-free premium membership to those who are willing to pay a little more.

123Movies is almost like a freemium service because of its streamlined design, speedy categorization, and extensive library of media. We found fewer pop-up banner ads at first, but there is plenty of advertising during gameplay and during TV shows and movies. Recognizing that these advertisements can be distracting at times, 123Movies offers a premium membership to those who would rather not be bothered with them.


YesMovies is one of many excellent movie streaming websites that offer users a wide variety of entertaining options. No sign-up is required to watch movies or TV shows, but the constant interruptions from advertisements can get annoying. Use an ad blocker, however, and you won’t have to see any of those annoying commercials.

Movies can be watched on the website for free, and the site’s user interface makes it simple to browse the library of films and television shows. The popularity of the site is likely due in part to the fact that the content is regularly updated.

Users are encouraged to fully value the site’s content by conducting thorough site reviews. Filtering movies can be done in a number of ways, including by genre, IMDb rating, and country of origin. Hollywood, Bollywood, and other film industries can all be ranked separately.

It is also advised that visitors watch videos online rather than downloading them, as doing so may lead them to malicious domains. Moreover, if a particular film is not currently available in Yes Films, users can submit a request for it to be added.


GoMovies was made to be simple and straightforward, starting with a search engine that lets you find the title of the film or TV show, as well as the specific episode you want to watch. You can watch movies online for free in the trending section of the website, which is also useful if you’re not sure what kind of content you want to watch but still want to watch something recently released. You can also search for interesting local content or browse by major IMDB titles or genres.


Bmovies is a top choice for streaming movies online thanks to its user-friendly interface, extensive library of free movies, and simple customization options. Ads are a common complaint, and rightly so, but it’s even more noticeable on free sites.

It’s an alternative way to watch movies from the US, Korea, Taiwan, and other countries in the East. You can also use the category, the AZ List, the highest rated movies on IMDb, and other tools to find movies to watch.

Extended features, such as IMDb ratings and advancements of movies within the site, have attracted many people in the current generation to BMovies. As a result, you won’t have to search for additional resources online to learn about films and television programmes.

Also, in the event that the primary web server is down, you can use the backup servers to watch the latest versions of movies online without having to sign up for anything. To further alleviate concerns about data sharing, the website’s subscription option is entirely voluntary.


Vumoo has all the makings of a top-tier movie streaming service. It’s one of the best places to look for and watch TV shows and movies of high quality. Any type of movie fan can find what they’re looking for on this site, from action to drama to horror to romantic comedies.

Vimeo’s sleek interface is another strong suit. It’s very easy to get around. Because of this, it takes only a moment to locate a movie to stream and begin watching it. You can also use the system to find movies that were released in a specific year. Not to mention, there are fewer advertisements that constantly pop up.


The rapid rise to prominence over so many years makes it one of the most prominent streaming options out there. A key factor in its success is the way it individualizes care for each customer.

This service provides its customers with so much that they are rarely prevented from accessing other major websites due to piracy concerns. As long as they can break down a good solution for each client, they are willing to risk their reputation on some websites. If you’re having trouble accessing Fmovies because of regional restrictions, here’s how to do it.

You can watch thousands of high-quality films and TV shows whenever you like. Please exercise caution when assigning a domain name. This website offers high-quality streaming of all movies that can be found there. If you’re pleased with everything it offers, but especially the video quality, you can save time by downloading your favorites to watch whenever you like. They even stock the classic films you used to love.


Very few video-streaming websites use top-level domain. Why? Anti-piracy groups may easily domain names, thus most administrators avoid them if at all possible. Nonetheless, Popcornflix’s creators appear to be so sure of the site’s longevity that they’ve decided to take the bold step of purchasing domain name; we commend their guts.


A well-designed, straightforward website. When attempting to use this website, you need not to study a great deal. This is really well organised and developed, making it simple to learn your way around the web.

The film’s synopsis is also included. With this, you’ll have a taste of what you’ll be experiencing.

Latest box office hits are shown on the homepage. Almost all of the streaming services we’ve reviewed lack this option.

They even offer stars based on how well a movie is received on IMDB. They do not have their own hosting service, thus all of their material is delivered by external websites.


All123movies has a great user experience with a search tab and various content filtering options. There’s a bookmark feature, so you can keep track of the pages you frequently visit. There are also data on how many people have watched movies and TV shows on this service. This function makes it easier to analyse and select popular plant types. All123Movies also consistently adds new, high-quality films and TV shows for free online viewing. For this reason, you can rest assured that the most recent offerings are always available here.

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