Correo Yahoo! Iniciar sesión en, .es, .mx y otros


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Correo Yahoo! Iniciar sesión en, .es, .mx y otros

One of the industry’s pioneers, Ymail’s electronic mail service was launched as Yahoo! Mail in 1996. To access Ymail and start a session, or to enter, use the official links.

When setting up a new email address, it’s important to keep in mind the benefits offered by this service, to which you can also log in from

Functions and uses of Yahoo! Mail

Possessing an electronic mail account is currently practically essential. Without a doubt, the email address has evolved into something akin to a personal identification number on the internet, allowing us to register and access the majority of the services offered around the web. A valid email address can be used to create a Facebook profile, sign up for your favorite forum, or even access the services offered by the email provider (in this case, Yahoo! ).

A service like Ymail is useful for connecting with others who share the same email account holders, regardless of the provider, in addition to registering on websites around the internet. As a result, you are able to send your favorite photos to your loved ones, as well as this crucial document, to your coworkers.

Yahoo! increases its efforts daily to provide the best email service, and as of right now, Ymail’s email service has nothing to fear from direct competition because it offers many equally intriguing features.

We’ll go over step-by-step instructions on how to use Ymail, how to set up a new account, and the advantages of choosing Yahoo! as your email provider in the following sections.

create a Gmail account

If you’re looking to open a new email account, Ymail might be useful to you. The registration process is very simple and will only take a few minutes. The next section will outline the steps you must take to register a new user:

Direct your browser to the Yahoo! Mail official website: Puedes acceder desde la dirección o bien desde la URL original para acceder al sitio de registro en español. El servicio puede ser accedido desde cualquier navegador web y desde cualquier sistema operativo, sea Mac, Windows o Linux.
Comprueba si está disponible la dirección de correo deseada: En la página de bienvenida de Ymail verás un cuadro grande con la inscripción «Crea tu cuenta de correo Yahoo», en el formulario de abajo podrás introducir la dirección de correo electrónico que estés deseando registrar, en caso de que esté disponible, oprime el botón «Crear», caso contrario sigue intentando hasta encontrar uno libre.
Introduce tus datos: As with any other electronic mail service, you will be required to enter personal information like your name, last name, gender, and phone number. When you are ready, press the “Create Account” button.
¡Listo! If everything went as planned, you had finished setting up your new electronic address.
Benefits of having an account

Considering that Yahoo! is the owner of a vast array of services for its users, the advantages of opening an account at Ymail are numerous. Some benefits of significant importance include:

Yahoo! Answers: It is a requirement to have a Gmail account in order to ask questions and receive answers. You are currently unable to register for this useful community using another electronic mail service.
Flickr: The benefit obtained is a direct link to this section of Yahoo’s popular photo-sharing, searching, and storage service. Although you can register for Flickr with any email address, you won’t be able to access certain benefits related to Yahoo accounts.
Google Groups: To share common interests or stay in touch with your friends, you can create communities using this feature of Yahoo. Currently displaced by Facebook, the enormous.
Security: With Yahoo! Correo, you can get a service with very high security, including SSL availability (your data will be encrypted!) and SPAM filters that collectively block more than 15.000 million daily incoming emails. Additionally, makes it possible the change the password and recover the account only through very reliable security questions.
Calendar: A smart calendar will enable you to organize yourself as effectively as possible, all within the email service.
Mobile accessibility: Ymail offers iOS and Android-compatible applications. You are no longer in the dark regarding your electronic mail.

How to utilize the Yahoo Mail service

You must re-login to in order to use your brand-new email account.

However, thanks to the registration process from the previous step, you already have a letter and a password for this particular opportunity.

The website is very simple to use; it contains sections like “Buzón,” “Borradores,” “Enviados,” and “Spam,” and new emails will always be displayed under that section.

The “Write” button is also essential within the website; using it, you can create new electronic letters that you can send right away to any email address you already know.

As you can see, using Ymail doesn’t distinguish you from the other email services, but it might show off a livelier and more customizable user interface than Outlook or Gmail.

Other options to

Even if Ymail provides excellent service, it’s crucial to note some of the most significant alternatives available on the internet in case you choose to delete your account. Because each service has unique benefits, we cannot generalize about who is better or worse.

Gmail: This is Google’s exclusive electronic mail service. You may get 15 GB of storage from him, and Google Drive will act as your virtual hard drive at the same time. You may access an uncountable number of services by opening a Gmail account, including YouTube, Google Drive, Docs, Photos, Google+, and a long list of others.
Outlook, formerly known as Hotmail, is another pioneer in the field of the email. With Outlook, you can use Microsoft’s Skype service as well as the Windows Store and One Drive, among other interesting services.
AOL Mail: The company’s email service offers a number of additional advantages, including unlimited storage, virus protection, and connectivity across several platforms.

It is now up to you to decide which of the services best suits your needs.

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