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Chances are, if you ask someone to identify the first bank that comes to mind, they’ll say Chase. Over half of American homes are served by the bank, which has seen growth in its consumer and community banking accounts to over $1 trillion. The largest bank in the country by assets is Chase Bank, which also has one of the biggest banking footprints with thousands of locations and three times as many ATMs.

However, none of it will help you if you want Chase services and are unsure of where to find a branch or ATM. Here’s how to locate a Chase branch in your area.

Bank Chase nearby

Use Google Maps to get the location and business hours of the Chase branch that is the nearest to you. However, the Chase Bank Locator on will provide additional details about the bank’s location, such as:

  • The number to call
  • Services provided by the specific branch
  • Information on the location’s ATMs, including the quantity of machines, the services they provide, the hours they are open, and the ATM languages that are supported
  • The name and direct phone number of the branch’s Chase home lending adviser

Closest Chase ATM

At its locations and as standalone machines, Chase maintains a network of cutting-edge ATMs. Cardless access is available at many renovated Chase ATMs, which also provide a practical option to deposit up to 30 checks at once.

You may also carry out the standard activities like cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers, seeing your most recent transactions, and paying off your Chase credit cards.

Use the Chase locate tool to find the closest ATM, but don’t filter the results. The majority of Chase locations have ATMs available, and if you narrow your search by choosing “ATM” as the location type, you will only see the locations with standalone machines.

The more comprehensive results will include ATM-equipped branches as well as the number of ATMs located at each branch. You’ll see a message regarding the ATM hours when ATMs are accessible beyond branch office hours. ATMs are readily accessible around-the-clock at branch locations.

Regarding Chase Bank

Chase has spent the previous 20 years expanding its network of branch locations. It added 1,800 locations throughout 14 states in the Midwest and South as a result of its 2004 acquisition of Ohio-based Bank One. Chase purchased the failing bank Washington Mutual during the 2008 financial crisis, expanding its branch network to 5,400 branches across 23 states.

Chase is once again aggressively extending its reach after shutting several locations in recent years as part of an industry-wide reduction trend. It became the first bank to have branches in the lower 48 states when the firm established its first offices in 2021 in Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Vermont.

Chase keeps expanding its branch network, which currently numbers close to 5,000, and strengthening its position in important metro regions.

Chase maintains a network of branches and 16,000 ATMs spread throughout the 48 contiguous states. While you may find an ATM every several blocks in downtown Seattle, Chicago, or Washington, D.C., you’ll only find a few machines in Des Moines, Iowa, where there are only three branches. This is because the strength of the bank’s ATM network often follows its branch locations.

On the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Chase Bank does operate an ATM, however there are none in Alaska.

Hours of Chase Bank

Location-specific branch hours for banking vary, but most Chase locations are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

Some sites have Saturday hours that are shorter, from 9 am through early afternoon.

You may use the filter on the Chase Bank locating tool to identify the locations that are open on Sundays.

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