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Moving isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the majority of us. Some emotional journeys are superior to others. Finding and choosing a moving company that suits your demands may often make a difference. To guarantee that everything goes as planned, or even better, certain standards must be satisfied for local, long-distance, international, corporate, and military transfers.

Not every moving company has the capacity to handle every kind of relocation. The next step is selecting the best moving company after you’ve made the decision to relocate. To assist you in choosing the one that will work best for you, we’ve examined a number of the top moving firms in the business and created this list of the top 10.

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

How painful (or excruciatingly easy) your moving experience is will depend on which moving company best suits your demands. When doing research, take into account the following elements:


How much money can you easily spend on your relocation? (Consider adding extra wiggle space to account for unforeseen hiccups or delays.)

Custom products

Do you need to relocate something particular, bulky, or fragile? To get the greatest outcome, look for movers that are experts in the services you want.

Your timetable

Some movers are able to do the work in half the time of other movers. You may have additional possibilities if you have more time when travelling.

Move category

You could need a certain kind of mover depending on how far you’re moving. While some businesses only handle local or long-distance transfers, others handle all kinds of relocations.

Moving Company Types

It’s crucial to know what kind of movers you need before committing to a moving business. Knowing the difference between a residential moving business and a commercial moving company is the first step in your search, whether you’re planning a move for yourself or for your job. From there, businesses may provide the following services:


Any shift that is under 50 miles is often referred to as local. These conditions might alter based on your state and the regulations of the selected moving company. It’s critical to establish that your relocation falls within the company’s mileage restrictions.


When you need to travel more than 50 miles (or the stated company’s policy), a relocation is considered long-distance. An interstate relocation is not always equivalent to a long-distance move (below).

Any relocation that necessitates crossing state boundaries is considered an interstate move.


An international relocation is one that necessitates travel beyond the United States, and yes, this includes Canada. Not only should you confirm that the moving business you choose provides international services, but some can also provide help finding homes and organising immigration paperwork.

Moving containers

Moving container services provide variously sized containers and pods, which often need homeowners to pack them themselves.

Pianos, fine paintings, and even wine collections are some of the specific objects that certain movers specialise in moving.

Vehicle movers

Some businesses provide vehicle transport services as an extra fee if you need to relocate a car long distance or abroad.

How to Get Ready to Move

There are a few proactive steps you may take to be ready for your relocation, such as:


The ideal time to declutter is before moving. Go through everything you own, donating or discarding everything you no longer need. You can pack faster by using this action, and the moving truck will have more room for you.

Obtain Packing Materials

It’s crucial to plan ahead when buying packing materials and moving boxes. Purchase extra moving boxes than you anticipate needing. The last thing you want is to run out on packing day and have to search for or buy more. That will squander time and add to the tension.

Prepare an essentials bag for the big day

The day of packing will be crazy, so get started by assembling your necessities bag. Pack just the things you’ll need access to throughout the move and immediately after arriving at your new home. Include the following items in your essential bag:

  • Important paperwork
  • Medications
  • Chargers
  • Simple toiletries
  • Clothing changes anything else you could need during your first few days in your new house

Keep a moving checklist close at hand

You can keep things organised before, during, and after your move with the aid of a moving checklist. Not only do you want to make sure you do a walkthrough before you enter your new home (and exit your old one), but you also want to make sure you take into account any safety hazards for kids and pets (like plastic or scissors lying around), set up your utilities and internet connectivity, and make sure you are familiar with all the necessary areas in your new home.


The Forbes Advisor editorial team evaluated data from 50 businesses to identify the top moving firms. Each business was rated based on a number of factors, including:

  • (Customer ratings vs. complaints) Overall customer satisfaction: 20%
  • (15%) States served
  • Complete packaging (10%)
  • Options for defense/insurance (10%)
  • Cross-country movement (10%)
  • Options for containers and storage (10%)
  • Shipment tracking (5%)
  • No cancellation fees (5%)
  • Options for transporting vehicles (5%)
  • Provides boxes and relocation goods (5%).
  • Moving internationally (5%)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a professional mover cost?

Whether you choose to employ a regular moving company or a moving container/pod will have a significant impact on how much it will cost to hire a moving company. These factors include the size of your home or business, where you’re relocating from and to, and these factors. Local moves often cost between $300 and $1,500, or $1,200.

Depending on the distance you’re moving and the amount of belongings you have, long-distance movers might cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. A long-distance relocation will often cost more than a local move, while certain interstate moves may be more expensive simply because you are crossing state boundaries. To obtain a better idea of the typical cost of your relocation, be sure that each business you are considering will provide you with a free estimate.

Is moving furniture more affordable than buying new furniture?

If you’re relocating nearby, it’s probably simpler to retain your current furnishings. Since many movers charge by miles, your relocation will probably be less expensive the shorter it is.

The most expensive factors in moving are weight and space, so depending on how much furniture you have and how far you’re moving, you may do some research to compare the costs of moving your furniture with the possible proceeds from selling it.

When should movers be scheduled in advance?

For the majority of movers, you may book your relocation two months in advance, or eight weeks. It’s wise to play it safe here as well and book your preferred firm as soon as possible since high-quality movers are less likely to be available on short notice.

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