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Best Long Distance Moving Companies of September 2022-featured

One thing is to move. True grit may be necessary while moving a great distance. Choosing the best long-distance mover is essential for a seamless transfer, whether you’re relocating far for job or leisure. To find out which of the top long distance movers has the qualifications to make your relocation as seamless as possible, we examined a number of them. Here is our ranking of the top five candidates.

There were several things to take into account. The top ones demonstrated exemplary customer service, which may have included but was not limited to availability, optional features, and client help throughout the transfer process.

Finding the Best Mover for You

The degree to which your moving experience is painful (or painfully easy) depends on which moving company best suits your needs. When conducting your research, keep the following things in mind:

What is the cost of your move?

Moving can be expensive, whether you’re going far or close. Setting up a moving budget can reduce some stress. Identifying your financial capacity to spend on your move is the first step in creating a moving budget. Next, think about including some leeway to account for unforeseen hiccups or delays.

Have You Got Any Custom Items?

Do you need to move any unique, heavy, or fragile items, such as pianos or pieces of custom furniture? Find movers who are experts in the services you require in order to get the best outcome.

What’s the Timeline of Your Moving?

While some movers can complete the job in half the time of others, a time constraint may reduce the number of movers you can choose from. There may be more options available to you if you have extra time while travelling.

What Sort of Movement Is That?

Depending on how far you’re travelling, a specific mover may be required. Some businesses specialise in local or long-distance moves only, while others handle all kinds of relocations. When choosing the best moving company for you, make sure to conduct thorough research.

Long Distance Moving Expert Packing Advice

Get ready for your move ASAP

Start putting together a moving budget and checklist as soon as you know when and where you’re moving. The process will be simpler as you get closer to the move if you start out more prepared.

Obtain Several Moving Quotes

Talking with several moving companies is the best way to learn what the typical cost of your move will be. Before deciding which company will assist you with your move, get quotes and make a list of the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Gather Your Moving Paperwork

Filling out a lot of paperwork when working with a moving company is typical. To make the booking process simpler, make sure your driver’s licence and any other required documentation are in order.

Avail of Moving Insurance

Although most movers must comply with federal regulations and provide minimal liability insurance, you should have a few additional (and third-party) options to choose from. For peace of mind, you might want to spend more money on better moving insurance, depending on how much stuff you’re moving and how far you’re going.

List every detail

As soon as you can, make an inventory list. Try to stick with the same inventory list as you move. To estimate your move as accurately as possible, your potential moving company will need a list.

Factors Affecting the Price of Long Distance Moving

Which Way Do You Want To Move?

If you want to move on a budget, you can rent a moving container, but you should be aware that if you do this, your move will require more work from you because a moving company can take care of a lot of the hassle for you.

What number of items are you planning to bring?

The amount of space your belongings will occupy in a moving truck will obviously affect how much it will cost you if you have the contents of a two-bedroom house as opposed to a small one-bedroom apartment.

What Are Your Destination and Origin?

The recent labour and material shortage had an impact on the moving industry, affecting not only prices but also the availability of moving trucks and containers depending on where you were going and where you were going. For instance, because the west coast is being affected more by the shortage, moves from California to the east coast will cost more than a similar move from the east coast to the west.


The Forbes Advisor editorial team studied data from 13 companies to rank the best long distance moving companies. Each product’s rating was based on a number of factors, including:

  • Widespread Accessibility (25%)
  • Customer Satisfaction (general customer rating): 25%
  • (15%) Storage Available
  • Options for protection or insurance (10%)
  • Optional Packaging (10%)
  • Shipment Tracking (10%)
  • Option for Containers (5%)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest long-distance moving method?

Renting a truck and handling most of the loading, unloading, and packing yourself is the most cost-effective method for long-distance relocation of your household. DIY moving is a good option for those who are able and confident to move themselves, though there are a few reasons you might not want to do it (such as the inability to physically move things yourself, the lack of help from friends or family, the unwanted responsibility of going the full distance with a moving truck in tow).

What exactly qualifies as a long-distance move?

A move of 400 miles or more is typically regarded as long distance. If a person is moving within the same state (or across state lines), it is referred to as an intrastate move. Long-haul moving is another name for long-distance moving.

What things should you avoid transporting far?

Depending on the moving company you choose, you might not be able to transport some items long distances. However, the majority of movers refrain from transporting priceless personal items like:

  • Jewelry or heirlooms
  • Medical records, among other crucial records
  • Financial records and products, such as chequebooks
  • Pristine artwork
  • Photo books

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