Best Hidden GPS Trackers for Cars For 2022


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Consequently, you want to monitor a vehicle’s location as well as the whereabouts of a person or item. However, you don’t want to be overt about it. The answer is often a GPS tracker that runs on batteries. They are the most nimble and covert kind of tracker. They may often be put in a console or cubby, magnetically fastened to the bottom of a car or similar metal surface, or both. They can always be tucked away in a pocket or fastened to a bag or other object. All models let you to follow the tracker’s position on a digital map, browse trip records to see where it has been, and get alerts when it enters or exits certain locations (called geofences).

Overall, they don’t monitor driving behaviour as well as plug-in GPS trackers, and they often need weekly battery recharges. However, they are more concealable and portable. All of these trackers demand a monthly or yearly membership cost since they all utilize cellular networks to send their data.


Forbes Wheels evaluated reviews from various reviewers and end users while comparing the features, specifications, and costs of more than a dozen covert GPS trackers. The models chosen below are the best overall for those who wish to track the position of a vehicle, person, or item but are unable to or unwilling to put a device into the OBD-II diagnostic port on the automobile (for that, see our best plug-in GPS trackers). This ranking is based on a product’s performance, subscription costs, upfront cost, and the sorts of notifications it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is a tracker’s data updated?

It’s crucial to understand a tracker’s “refresh rate” or “sample rate,” which is sometimes hidden in the specifications or website material. A faster refresh rate may be beneficial for following a young driver who is inexperienced or an elderly motorist who is at risk, particularly if they are operating their vehicle in hazardous circumstances. Most battery-powered gadgets update the data every 30 to 60 seconds, which is probably acceptable in most circumstances. Some models, however, are upgradeable to update more rapidly. But for trackers that use batteries, the cost of shorter update intervals is a lower battery life.

Use of a GPS tracker on a vehicle is it permitted?

Checking your local laws is usually a good idea since laws differ from state to state. The NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures) reports that a number of states prohibit placing a tracker in an automobile without the owner’s permission. Several others normally prohibit tracking without the target’s permission. The monitoring of a minor child’s car by a parent or guardian is one example of an exemption. However, according to BrickHouse Security, it is often acceptable to deploy a GPS tracker on any car that you own.

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