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Buscar una canción por la letra

Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to search for songs by their lyrics and instantly enjoy the song that has been playing in your head for days. Furthermore, you may discover the title in just a few seconds, as well as the artist and album to which the song belongs. And all of this is because of the programs that make this function possible.

Search engines

Before recommending the easiest methods, let’s start with the most popular, which are the internet song lyrics search engines. And it is true that there are several services available on the internet that provide a complete database of song lyrics. These websites have their own search engine that allows users to enter only a phrase or a portion of a song, and the search engine will return all songs that contain that phrase. After that, you may download the song for free in MP3 format to listen to the lyrics on your preferred audio player.

We’ve provided you with a selection of services below that enable you to search for songs by their lyrics or any other form of their name:


These websites all function quite similarly. You only need to enter them, enter a line or phrase from the song in the search box, and then press the appropriate button to be sent to the search results.

Methods for searching for songs using the lyrics

Numerous daily activities are made easier by applications, and something that was unthinkable just a few years ago, such as quickly finding a song’s title by pressing a button, is now a reality that can be enjoyed on any device. You can even download your favorite songs from YouTube with their lyrics. Do you know these ways to identify a song? Therefore, don’t forget about the easiest ways to locate a song by its lyrics.

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Another way to get the name of a song by knowing its lyrics is to enter the lyrics after the words “letra” or “lyrics” in Google’s search bar.

google (1)

For instance, all it takes to find the song “La camisa negra” by singer Juanes is to search without the commas for “Yo porque perd la calma casi pierdo hasta mi cama letra.”

You’ll see that Google will provide you with results based on the song’s name in question. This method is widely used and produces the best results since Google’s powerful algorithm correlates song names, even when they differ from the original lyrics or contain errors.


Shazam is available for both Android and iPhone, and it’s really simple to use since all you have to do is download it and press the icon that appears in the middle of the screen when the song we want to identify is playing. The title of the song, the artist who performs it, the lyrics, and even an option to buy them online willa que canción pertenece esta letra all appear when the application recognizes it.

Shazam has been expanding the range of features it offers users, including the ability to read QR codes. In this way, it is possible to access a musical group or see a movie trailer.
You may access the list of songs you previously recognized and copied from the Mi Shazam personal menu. Additionally, I’ll provide you with a list of song suggestions that are tailored to your musical tastes and style preferences.
The software is readily available in no more than 190 countries and is undoubtedly a user favorite.

SoundHound is for people who like remembering songs and their melodies but not the lyrics or the song’s title. Everything is in this application, and you may see it right now:

One difference between SoundHound and Shazam is that in addition to recognizing songs based just on sound, it is also capable of doing so when we hum the songs out loud.
When the application recognizes and locates the song, it will display the album to which it belongs and provide a brief summary of the artist’s biography or upcoming concerts.
Another unique feature of SoundHound is that it will show us all the variations of a song that exist so that we may choose the one that appeals to us the most.
This tool is really helpful for quickly and easily finding old songs.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a useful, simple, and above all, very effective application, you should download it right away.


The creators of Soundhound developed Midomi, which is the most effective web version for recognising songs from a little snippet.

We only need to connect a microphone to be able to locate the song we’re looking for, whether we’re just listening to it or even tagging it.
All that is necessary to use the service is to go to the website and choose the Click and sing or Hum option.
The website will be responsible for locating the song with a high effectiveness index.
Once you’ve located the results, you may open them in YouTube to view the song’s video.

What are you waiting for to try it out and find the song you were looking for?


Another essential app you must have on your mobile device is Musixmatch, which can help you locate any song in just a few seconds.

Installing the widget on the mobile device’s screen will allow you to view the lyrics of the song you are now listening to without losing track of the song’s ID.
Musixmatch goes further than other applications since, whilst focusing on the identification of song lyrics, it also allows users to create images using their favorite song lyrics, opening up a wide range of design options.

Musixmatch is entertaining, entertaining, and offers many options for you to enjoy your favorite songs.

Help from Google

There is no better way to go if, on the other hand, you choose a quicker method that does not involve the use of other applications than to make use of Google’s assistant. This service works very simply since all that is required is to ask the assistant director, “What song is that?” to have the search performed in accordance with the song that is now playing. Additionally, it may be used to locate songs that use the melody, albeit the success of this depends on how well the song is being interpreted.

The Google Assistant will provide us with the song’s name, the artist who performs it, and links to YouTube and Google Play so we may listen to it when it is recognized.


Everyone is familiar with the well-known platform YouTube, where we can listen to music, watch movies of all kinds, and access information that is as diverse as we can imagine. But did you know that you can also identify songs on YouTube?


We’re talking about another platform where you may locate a song rather easily by just typing in a few words of the lyrics in the search bar. Because this search engine uses an advanced algorithm to refine searches, increasing their precision, the chances of success are very high. You can even use it to download music without restrictions from YouTube for your projects.

It is natural for us to hear a song and have a portion of the lyrics, perhaps somewhat distorted, lodged in our minds. At that point, we felt the need to know its name.

There are several quick and practical methods for determining the song’s title, which keeps repeating in your head. You can use various online pages where you only need to enter a portion of the text or use other applications that work directly with the audio. As a result, there are no longer any excuses for not knowing a song’s title.

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