10 Best Copywriting Agencies (2023)


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10 Best Copywriting Agencies (2023)

It’s a wise option to seek a copywriting firm, but it might be difficult to decide which one to hire. We’ve produced a list of the top copywriting companies available right now to aid with your decision-making.

We’ve taken into account a variety of aspects for each provider, including cost, the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, reviews, features, and more. This list should assist you in locating a business with whom you may establish a fulfilling long-term relationship.

What is a copywriting agency?

A copywriting firm offers a range of copywriting services, such as the creation of blog articles, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. These companies provide their client’s with text that is intended to enhance sales, increase traffic, and engage an audience.

A team of copywriters, editors and managers that supervise projects and interact with clients often makes up a copywriting firm.

Why work with a copywriting agency?

There are many reasons.

  • You’ll have more security and dependability with the copy you buy if you work with a respected company. Receiving subpar copies is less likely if you work with a reputable company that has positive evaluations.
  • You’ll typically have a more individualized and expert experience working with an agency, and in some circumstances, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who oversees your project(s) from start to finish.
  • The difference between using a copywriting agency and hiring freelance copywriters is that agencies often offer a more “fully managed” service, allowing you to avoid spending time on the recruitment, employment, and management of copywriters for the text you require.
  • Scale is another advantage of working with a copywriting firm. Instead of engaging many writers and handling the content development oneself, it is simpler to let an agency handle big amounts of material (such as 500 product descriptions) that need to be produced.
  • You might anticipate paying more when dealing with a copywriting firm than when hiring most copywriters directly. However, the time that is saved frequently makes up for the higher cost.

Best copywriting agencies

1. Writing Studio

You may get assistance from Writing Studio, a top-notch copywriting firm, with producing a variety of forms of copy, including blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, SEO text, and more. Our staff of skilled editors, copywriters, and content managers is dedicated to assisting you in producing better material more quicker.

The copywriters at Writing Studio are subject-matter specialists, and our editors make sure that each piece of writing you receive is precise, free of mistakes, and structured properly. Several businesses rely on Writing Studio for their copywriting requirements. We’re also quite pleased with the top-notch service we can provide them, as seen by the rave evaluations from previous and current clients.

To learn more about how we can help you, please reach out. We’d love to know more about your copywriting needs.

2. Brafton

Copywriting is a service that Brafton, a content marketing company, provides. Copy written by Brafton’s team of strategists, content marketing managers, and industry-focused copywriters appeals to your target audience, meets deadlines, and produces profitable outcomes.

Every type of content may be produced by the Brafton team, including the text for social media, blog posts, ebooks, landing sites, and email newsletters. They have the tools and expertise to produce top-notch writing for any sector, whether you need news pieces or SEO-focused evergreen copy.

3. Verblio

Verblio is a platform for blogs and article-writing services. They provide a content marketing platform for usage by companies, agencies, publishers, and in-house marketers. Although Verblio specializes in writing blog posts, they also provide other forms of copywriting, such as ebooks, newsletters, and podcast summaries, to mention a few.

Verblio’s platform enables you to produce content on-demand with a monthly subscription, guarantee that the tone and voice of your copy are spot-on, and over time, improves its ability to match writers with the right skills to your needs. The platform’s scaling capabilities make it especially valuable for agencies with several customers.

4. Express Writers


Express Writers is a platform for copywriting and content development that employs writers skilled in a variety of copywriting styles. They provide a wide range of written content, including blog entries, ads, emails, social media postings, and conversion-based copy. Express Writers uses a straightforward four-step process: the customer purchases material; content is written; content is edited and reviewed; and lastly, the customer receives content.

They cater to a variety of businesses, but legal, financial, medical, and other technical issues are their most well-liked ones. For organizations that want big volumes of information, Express Writers may also deliver content at scale.

5. ContentWriters

A full-service copywriting firm is ContentWriters. In addition to the editorial staff, ContentWriters also has a network of experienced copywriters with particular expertise. They serve a variety of company kinds, from agencies to publishers to e-commerce sites, and they are regarded by industry leaders.

All of ContentWriter’s copywriters are based in the United States, have a high level of English proficiency, and through a rigorous screening process before being approved to use their platform. Press releases, product descriptions, blog posts, and other types of writing are all skills that content writers have. Together with every content order, they also provide complimentary subject suggestions, personalized writer matching, and revision requests. From health to banking and other sectors, their staff serves all of the major businesses.

6. Scripted


Tens of thousands of copywriters are part of the Scripted network, a sizable freelance copywriting marketplace. The system is based on subscriptions. You can use their writer pool after making a monthly payment of a particular amount. Then, you may search for and employ writers to assist in producing various sorts of content.

Scripted operates more like an Upwork-style freelancing marketplace for copywriting than it does like an agency. You must first register before you can begin ordering content. Unlike agencies, you may negotiate particular fees with authors, but unless you choose their managed services, where a professional manager is assigned to oversee the process for you, you must manage the process.

7. ClearVoice

You may employ copywriters using the content marketing platform ClearVoice. The term “team landing,” which ClearVoice invented, perfectly sums up their business approach. With the aid of their platform, you may assemble a group of independent copywriters, editors, SEOs, designers, strategists, and other professionals to help you implement your content marketing strategies.

The copywriters employed by ClearVoice are screened, consistent, dependable, adaptable, and good listeners. As their platform is designed for scalability, ClearVoice may be an excellent service provider to take into consideration if you have significant and complicated content marketing projects that need for the assistance of several copywriters.

8. Semrush Marketplace

A marketplace for copywriting is Semrush Marketplace. Semrush, a sizable business best known for its arsenal of SEO and content marketing tools, now offers copywriting services through its marketplace. You may purchase a variety of content kinds on their marketplace, such as articles, website copy, product descriptions, press releases, email copy, and more, on demand.

To request content, monitor order status, and make change requests, Semrush Marketplace provides a simple and user-friendly interface. Also, you get to use Semrush SEO tools with the market.

9. MarketSmiths

Premium copywriting firm MarketSmiths has collaborated with prestigious customers like Stanford and Pfizer. Most words are filler, but in our hands, they’re crisp engines of strategy, according to their motto. Sales copy, brand copy, product copy, content marketing copy, and copy tailored to a particular sector are just a few of the copywriting services offered by MarkSmiths.

From proposals to social media copy to SEO-focused content, MarkSmiths can write it all. Education, finance, government, technology, cannabis, law, health, and other sectors are among their main industries covered. While being more expensive than other services, they place a high value on quality assurance.

10. Get A Copywriter

Hire A Copywriter is a copywriting service designed for businesses, agencies, and online retailers. They provide on-demand copywriting services where you can purchase blogs, web pages, product descriptions, white papers, and customised projects. They also provide monthly blogging subscriptions.

Unlimited revisions, a complete money-back guarantee, senior editors who fully edit the content, and account management are all provided by Get A Copywriter. All of their copywriters are native English speakers, seasoned pros, and are classified as either “pros” or “experts”, depending on the quality you’re looking for. Their staff creates content for businesses in every sector, including software, legal, and construction.

Tips for finding the right copywriting company

Finding the best copywriting company for your needs might be difficult because there are so many of them available. We’ve provided some advice to make that process simpler and help you make the best choice.

1. Assess results

A good piece of copywriting has a goal. For instance, the objective of SEO content can be to improve organic traffic or position for a specific term. Direct response material, on the other hand, could boost conversions for a particular sign-up form.

Check whether an agency has produced outcomes for customers in a situation comparable to yours, whether in your business or for the particular sort of content needed while evaluating them. An agency will likely be able to assist you in achieving your goals if they can present valid case studies with outcomes comparable to what you’re searching for.

2. Look at samples

Samples of copywriting make it simple to evaluate the level of quality immediately. You shouldn’t only rely on samples to evaluate an agency. But, samples make it much simpler to rule out an agency because you undoubtedly have expectations for a specific calibre. Seeing examples of the agency’s work in the sector you wish to have copy created for is preferable, especially if the sector calls for subject-matter knowledge.

Don’t base your decision just on samples; bear in mind that many copywriting firms provide ghostwritten material, which may prevent them from legally sharing their best work.

3. Check out reviews

Like anything you purchase online, reviews are crucial to consider. It’s worthwhile to visit unbiased third-party review websites because the company will always highlight positive reviews on its website. Google, Clutch, Trustpilot, and G2 are a few excellent examples. You should be able to get a pretty good idea of past and present client satisfaction by looking over these sites.

Positive reviews are worth reading even though they don’t guarantee that you’ll also have a positive experience. Because a company’s treatment of its employees will probably have an impact on your experience as a customer, I’d also advise looking at Glassdoor reviews.

4. Consider pricing

Price will play a significant role in determining which agency you work with. The importance of agencies with extremely low prices cannot be overstated. Even though you’ll spend less, you’ll probably get a poorer return on investment than you would with a more costly agency. This is not to argue that you should use a company that bills $10 for each word, but it does indicate that you shouldn’t cut corners on pricing. Quality over quantity, as they say.

If you want to avoid wasting time and money in the long run, investing in high-quality copy the first time can pay off handsomely. Because different agencies have different pricing structures, you should also think about which model—per word, hourly, fixed prices, etc.—works best for you. Occasionally, organizations will offer specialized.

5. ‘Trial’ the agency

Give the agency a try if they provide a free trial to see how the text comes out. If they don’t, which is typical, try placing a modest order. Perhaps you want to purchase 100 x articles or product descriptions. See how the quality is after ordering from 1 to 5. Even better, purchase a little quantity from a few different suppliers to see which offers the most value for the money before making a final choice.

Together with text quality, it’s important to take into account other aspects like how well-mannered, thoughtful, and sympathetic the agency’s staff is and how quickly they reply to your questions and requests. These qualities facilitate commercial interaction considerably more.

The bottom line

Copywriting is crucial because it enables you to engage your audience, successfully express your message to the world, and, most importantly, make sales.

Finding the ideal copywriting agency to collaborate with is challenging, though. You can find one fairly quickly, but it takes some time to find one who consistently produces high-quality copy and whom you enjoy working with.

You should now have a better sense of what is available and what would work best for you after reading this list of copywriting companies.

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