Why Are New-Tech Ducted ACs Better Than Traditional ACs

The market for HVAC products has been changing over the last few years. New-tech ducted ACs are now the top choice among consumers. In this article, you’ll find out how to compare different types of ACs, why new-tech models continue to grow in popularity, and what benefits they provide for homeowners.

What is a Ducted AC?

A ducted air conditioner (AC) is a cooling system that requires ductwork to pass the cool air. Unlike traditional ACs, they have a central unit that sends cooled air through a network of ducts. On the other hand, ductless ACs have individual units installed in each room or zone. It means that if you invest in traditional ACs, then you need to buy different units for different rooms. On the other hand, if you invest in Ducted AC, then only one unit is sufficient.

Ducted ACs are becoming increasingly popular because they’re energy-efficient, easy to install, and can be used to cool both homes and businesses. Many newer homes are being built with ducted ACs already installed. If you are looking to buy an air conditioner, then you should consider buying a new technology ducted AC. We recommend you take the help of professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors to buy the best ducted AC system. New technology ducted ACs have many benefits over traditional ones. Here are some of the reasons why:

Long Lifespan

New technology ducted ACs have a much longer lifespan than traditional ones. They can last for 10-15 years and will save you money in the long run. These systems have a longer lifespan than traditional AC units, which means that you can get more use out of your system before having to replace it.

Efficient Than Traditional

New technology ducted ACs are more efficient than traditional ones. This means that they will use less electricity and therefore save you money on power bills. The ducted air conditioners are more expensive up front but save energy over time by using less energy while cooling a room or home. New technology ducted air conditioning systems are an extremely efficient way of cooling your home. 

The air that is circulated through the system is cooled to a very low temperature, which allows you to get the same result with less energy used. Ducted ACs are more energy-efficient because they don’t lose cooled air. Traditional AC systems can lose up to 30% of their cooled air through leaks in the ductwork.

Good Cooling Capacity

New technology ducted ACs have a better cooling capacity than traditional ones. This means that they can cool large rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms more efficiently than traditional ones do at regular intervals throughout the day when needed (e.g., during hot summers or during winter). Also, the new-tech ducted ACs provide better air quality.

No Noise

New technology ducted air conditioners are better than traditional ones because they have better noise insulation and lower operating costs. If you want to enjoy deep sleep without any disturbance, then new technology ducted AC is the right choice. The noiseless operation of the ducted AC will let you enjoy a cool space without any disturbance

Less Expense

The new technology AC requires less maintenance than newer models. It will help homeowners to save money. The technology behind these systems makes them more efficient than traditional ones, as well as being more cost-effective to run. Ducted ACs let you do individual temperature control for each room or zone. This means you can keep the temperature of every room or zone at the right level. Make sure you install the ducted AC with the help of professionals like air conditioning Sydney contractors.

New Features And Options

New-tech ducted ACs offer more features and options. It means that you can control your ducted AC the way you like it. By investing in the new technology ducted AC, you can make the most of it. You should compare the features of the different AC systems and finally invest in the right one.

No Need To Invest In Different Units

When you invest in a ducted AC system, then this one unit will help to cool down the entire building. You do not need to buy different units for different rooms. It means you do not need to spend your money on different cooling devices. The ducts will carry down the cool air to different rooms of the building.


There are many reasons to choose a new-tech ducted AC over a traditional one. New-tech ducted ACs offer superior energy efficiency, improved air quality, and greater comfort. They are also quieter and easier to install. If you are looking for the best possible AC for your home, a new-tech ducted AC is a way to go.

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