What Are the Best Ways to Study French?

If you are looking to learn the French language there are a few options that you can use to master it. What I have done here is covered some of the ways that anyone can use to learn to speak French. Taking a lovely holiday in France is a great idea but is it practical?

Home study courses are gaining in popularity and have their reason for gaining in popularity such as the possibility of being able to study as and when you please. Finding time to study is one of the things you need to take into account when setting out on learning French.

So what are the best ways to study french? And how can you fit the study time in to your schedule? We are going to look at all these questions, beginning with ways to learn french language schools in france such as taking a break in France.

Take a French Holiday

Having to speak French because you are actually in France is probably one of the best ways to learn French. You will get to speak the language every day and learn it from native speakers. The only problem is that to learn a language you will need far more than just a one or two week stay in the country.

Although taking a long 6 month break or more in France is an ideal way to learn French, the reality is that it is not a realistic option for most people. The other option is to learn French by using one of the many online French programs available

Home study
Studying French online is growing in popularity thanks to the ease of access to the internet that most of us have. There are thousands of online French programs available and the majority of them will use a range of learning aids to help you learn French.

The aids used are, interactive CDs, MP3s, and DVDs to help you learn as quickly as possible. Many of these aids can then be used in any place that suites you. The mp3’s can be loaded onto an mp3 player or ipod and taken with you. Even most mobile phones now have the capability to store mp3 on them.

This means that you can now learn on the way to work whilst driving, or on the bus or train. Most people carry mobile phones these days and memory cards for them are inexpensive and will allow you to download mp3 files to your phone for ease of use throughout the day.

Learning Time
To learn French quickly you will need to set some time aside each day to study. Although we have already seen that being able to take some of the audio training tools with you each day in the form of mp3’s will allow you to fit some study time in, you also need to find some quality study time. Probably for many people the ideal study time will be evenings for an hour or so.

If you work shifts you may decide or even have to find time in the morning or afternoon to fit your studies in. As long as you can get an hour to yourself each day you should make great head way in learning French. I even know of one person that used to get up early in the morning to fit her study time in as she had young children and worked full time.

Although we all may not have the luxury of being able to take a 6 month break in France we can make use of the online and study at home French courses available to us. The only commitment we need to make is to find time to study which most of us can do if we are determined to learn to speak another language.

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