Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Shower Filter

Beginning your day with a relaxing shower and ending a tiring day with a soothing bath will definitely lift your mood to a new level. Showering is something that we all do however, we don’t pay attention to the quality of the water that we shower with or for bathing.

But, like drinking water the water you use to shower may contain harmful particles, chemicals, or other impurities that could cause health risks without even realizing. You may notice signs like skin irritations or asthma problems, but generally water isn’t the first factor we look at as the cause of the health problems we experience.

Fortunately, with the shower filter, you won’t have to fret about these problems no more. These effective, efficient devices are able to filter out harmful substances which means you can take the benefits of a chemical-free, non-contaminant shower, as well as a better experience bathing. Learn about how much water does ro waste.

In this post, we’re going to provide you with five reasons to purchase a professional shower filter. Let’s have a look at each!

First, protect Your health by avoiding harmful chemical exposure

Shower filters employ a chemical reaction to take out contaminants such as chlorine, bacteria, and other particles from water. The majority of filters utilize Kinetic Degradation Fluid (KFD) together with carbon. Other filters depend upon vitamin C. Since it is an ascorbic acid vitamin, C interacts with chlorine present in your water, and neutralizes it.

A high-quality shower filter will help you avoid an array of health problems that result from showering with contaminated water. These filters keep your lungs safe from inhaling harmful particles, and prevent you from absorption of harmful contaminants in your skin. Shower filters permit you to enjoy clean bathing experience and are effective against hard water as well as chlorination, too. Find out nikken water filter.

#2 They are simple to install

Shower filters are generally placed on the shower arm or put between the shower head and the shower arm. It’s as simple like it seems, putting in the shower filter in your bathroom will not cause any problems and you’ll be able to depend on yourself, even if there is no plumbing knowledge.

The whole process of installation is only a couple of minutes long and you will not require any equipment to make your filter operational. Similar to the installation process it is also easy to maintain too, and most of the time , you’ll have to replace the cartridge that you have been using with the new one.

#3 Be rid of irritations and health concerns

The high levels of chlorination in water could be the cause of the unpleasant health issues like skin and eye irritations. If you experience the itching of your skin or flare-ups of eczema it is possible to suspect that it’s due to chlorine in the water. Asthma and hair problems are two other issues that those who are sensitive to chlorine suffer.

The positive side is that when you begin using a high-quality shower filter, you’ll likely see positive results right away. Shower filters can provide real pleasure and peace to those who suffer from eczema, asthma, sensitive skin or other irritations.

Be prepared for smooth skin, beautiful hair, and more attractive overall appearance!

#4 No more sour water!

If you don’t have shower filters typically have an issue with the odd scent of the swimming pool after their showers and baths. The cause is typically high chlorine however it could also be caused by other contaminants as well..

Most likely, you are experiencing the same issue, but you’re familiar with the scent of chlorine, and aren’t aware of the odd smell. When you get the shower filter and get your chlorine off, you’ll be amazed by how different your bathing or showering experience will be.

5 Shower filter are inexpensive

The water treatment options, specifically water filtering systems, can become costly. Manufacturers produce a huge amount of water filters each one based on different techniques and methods for filtration.

What is the best shower filter to purchase?

There is certainly many professional shower filters that you can pick from and trust 100 100%. As an example one, this Vitafresh Advanced shower filter combo package is among the most requested choices for purchase and, based on the reviews, this filter is extremely popular with purchasers.

Vitafresh Advanced Shower Filter Combo Pack

If you are looking to purchase a water filter designed for professionals made from vitamin C, another excellent alternative would be to consider that of the Vitafresh Advanced Shower Water Filter and Combo.

Like the earlier mentioned one, this one also uses a pharmaceutical vitamin C in the form of a food grade. The vitamin C utilized in the process of filtering is in compliance with UK as well as European standards.

The combo pack contains three filters. Two of them can be changed cartridge filters that can last of 10,000 litres. The time frame can be different based on the chloramine and chlorine concentrations and speed of flow of your water.

If you are worried about the best way to install the filter inside your shower, you have to be aware that this filtration system is compatible with every shower. It is a simple-to-install water filtering system that makes use of the 1/8 inches International Standard size connection.

There is no loss of water pressure and no needing extra water The Vitafresh Advanced Shower Filter Combo Pack is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative.

A transparent case of filter cartridges can help you know the amount of vitamin C remains and also when you need to change the cartridges in your filter.

Final thoughts

Let’s close what we have discussed within this post. As you can observe, shower filters can be extremely beneficial for your health, particularly when you have illnesses or the smell of chlorine irritates you.

Taking care of this issue could be the best choice you’ve made in your life and can transform your life in ways you’d thought of!


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