Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Enterprise Car Sales Or Not

Enterprise is one of many car rental companies that sell their old fleet cars. You can search Enterprise’s inventory online and set up financing through Enterprise or bring your own loan from a different lender. To be Enterprise Certified, a used car must pass an inspection and come with a limited warranty on the powertrain. If you buy a car from Enterprise Car Sales or another rental dealer, you might be taking on a driver history you don’t know much about. However, this can save you money.

Save You Money

• Should you buy a car from Enterprise Coupon Code 20%  that you rented

• How to buy a used Enterprise rental car

• How to get a loan from Enterprise

• Other ways to find a good used car

• Frequently Asked Questions about buying a car from Enterprise

Find A Well-Kept Car

Should you buy a car from Enterprise Car Sales that you rented. When you buy a used rental car from Enterprise, you can get a car that is almost as good as new for less than the market price. Not only can you find a good deal, but you’re also likely to find a well-kept car. Still, Enterprise rental cars are fleet vehicles.

Rental Fleet Gets Too Old

Which means they were once owned by an Enterprise Car Sales and driven by an unknown number of drivers. When a car in a rental fleet gets too old to be used for business, companies like Enterprise put it up for sale. Most car rental companies start to do this when the car is between one and two years old.

Advantages Of Buying A Car From Enterprise

Less than the market price. Enterprise Car Sales says that it lists 75% of its cars for less than what Kelley Blue Book says they are worth. This is the most important reason to buy a used rental car. The cars are almost brand-new. Even though Enterprise sells cars that are up to eight years old, the average Enterprise car is rented for one year.

Well-Kept And Well-Serviced

Enterprise Car Sales follows the maintenance schedules suggested by the manufacturer and does regular checks. A private seller might not have taken care of the car that well. No-haggle pricing. This gets rid of one of the most stressful parts of buying a car, but you might still be able to get a better deal at a dealership or with a private seller.

Providing Roadside Assistance

Purchases come with free roadside assistance for a year and can be driven as much as they want. Warranty. Most Enterprise Car Sales  are from recent model years, so the car you buy may still be under warranty from the manufacturer. Enterprise Car Sales also gives you a 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty on the powertrain that starts on the day you buy the car.

7 Days To Return Something

You have up to seven days and up to 1,000 miles to return the car to Enterprise. You’ll get the same amount you paid, minus a restocking fee of $200.

A Lot Of Miles

The car you buy could have twice the average mileage of a non-rental car and be close to the end of the manufacturer’s warranty, which means you may have to do more maintenance as the owner over time.

History Is Not Known

You won’t know who drove the car or how it was treated, even if it has Enterprise Car Sales Certification and a CARFAX vehicle history report. This is the biggest reason why you might not want to buy a rental car. There are geographical limits. Most of what you can find depends on what’s near your ZIP code. There may be other cars that can be delivered, but that service also depends on where you live.

Not Much To Choose From

Enterprise Car Sales  only has 11,000 cars listed on its website. Compare that to CarMax, which sells cars but doesn’t rent them out. It has about 50,000 vehicles in stock. Dispelling myths. Ron Montoya, the senior consumer advice editor for Edmunds, says that rental car lots like Enterprise are great places to buy a used fleet vehicle at a good price. People often think that dozens of unknown drivers have been rough on a rental car, but Montoya said that might not be the case.

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Buy A Used Enterprise Rental Car

Buying a car from Enterprise Car Sales  is a little different than buying from a traditional dealership. The biggest difference is that you won’t have to negotiate the price with a salesperson. But your choices for make and model may be more limited than when you buy a car outside of a fleet. You’ll still need to look through the seller’s inventory, take a test drive, and make a sale, just like you would at a traditional dealership.

Look Online For A Car

According to Mark McAndrews, assistant vice president of Enterprise Car Sales, here are the steps to buying a car from Enterprise. You’ll start by entering your ZIP code and then your search criteria to find Enterprise car dealers near you. You can see photos and videos of each car, as well as its mileage, features, and trim options.

Get In Touch With The Dealership

Once you know where the car you want is, you’ll need to call the dealership. This can be done online, over the phone, by email, or in a chat. If the car isn’t near you, you might be able to have it sent to a nearby Enterprise dealership. You can also set up financing with the dealership if you need to.

Take The Car To A Mechanic

Any time you buy a car, it’s important to take it for a test drive. Look for damage and signs of wear and tear as you drive the car on both the highway and city streets. You should either take the car to a mechanic to be checked out or bring a mechanic with you to the dealership. If you can’t make this arrangement, set up a time to get the car inspected within the seven-day window.

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