How To Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data From Android To iOS

WhatsApp announced that Android and iOS users can now move their chat history between the two platforms. The chat history of WhatsApp users previously had to be transferred with third-party apps or lost when switching apps.

The Meta-owned platform first provided this feature in a beta version. The WhatsApp call and payment history still needs to be transferred for this feature to work.

WhatsApp announced the new migration feature via an official tweet. A FAQ page has been updated by WhatsApp to explain how to transfer chat history between Android and iOS. For Android smartphones, a version of Android 5 or higher is required, and for iPhones, a version of iOS 15.5.

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data Android To iOS

A WiFi network must be present on both devices for wireless transfer to work. In addition, the migration process should be conducted with your handsets connected to a power source.

Samsung smartphones will be the first devices to support WhatsApp’s new migration feature, according to WhatsApp’s announcement last year. However, beta updates made the feature available to a wider audience.

How To Migrate Android To iPhone

  1. Your Android phone will guide you through the Move to iOS process when you open the app.
  2. Your Android phone should display the same code as your iPhone.
  3. Following the prompts on the screen, tap Continue.
  4. On the screen that asks you to transfer data, select WhatsApp
  5. You can export your data from WhatsApp when you tap Start. A signout screen will appear on the Android phone after the data has been prepared.
  6. Once you tap Move to iOS on your Android phone, your data will be transferred to your iPhone.
  7. Check out WhatsApp’s App Store page for the latest version.
  8. Your old phone number should work as the login number for WhatsApp.
  9. Click Start to begin the process.

Upon activation, your chats will be displayed on your new device. You should note that once you create a backup of your transferred data, it will be uploaded to iCloud. You can’t upload the data to iCloud until you back up your transferred data on your Android device or uninstall WhatsApp on your smart phone.

WhatsApp Chat History Transfer Tips

  • For Android devices running Android 5, Lollipop, or SDK 21, you will need the latest version of the Android SDK.
  • It is required that your iPhone be running iOS 15.5 or higher
  • Make sure you are using the iOS app on your Android phone
  • Make sure your new device is running WhatsApp iOS version or higher.
  • Your old device must be running WhatsApp Android version or higher.
  • Don’t forget to transfer your old number to your new phone
  • It is essential that your iPhone be brand new or reverted to factory settings before you are able to transfer data from your Android phone to your iPhone
  • A power source must be available for both devices
  • Using the Android device with a WiFi hotspot requires the iPhone’s hotspot to be connected.

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