Healthpally infer Sensitivity of Mother against Kid’s Injuries

Around half of all accidents involving children occur in your own four walls or the garden, and outside the home. Therefore, the parents are normally asked to take first aid measures to help children when they’re injured at home. Fortunately, most accidents are small and easy to fix with brightly colored plaster, but not every mother can do that or have the confidence to give first aid to their kids. It’s important to note that your sensitivity against domestic accident should also be taken serious since prevention is always better and safer than cure. Also, children are very manipulative, hence ultra care in managing them should be priotized.


This is especially true for emergencies where there is a need for rapid action. How quickly did the child fall, hit his knees, or hit his head? Parents learn best what to do in such situations in special first aid courses on the subject of children. In this way, you can keep a cool head in these situations, but also avoid mistakes and permanent damage.


According to healthpally, The first place in accidents with children is falling. Babies and toddlers can fall down the stairs while crawling, trip over doorsteps or injure their heads on the edge of the table. Many also fall from the changing table in an unsupervised moment. Parents then intuitively do the right thing by picking up the baby, gently rocking it, and comforting it with loving care. The body contact and the gentle persuasion then calm the little ones.

It is important to support your head well while doing this, chaktty advised. Rocking back and forth, on the other hand, should be avoided so as not to aggravate possible brain damage. Screaming and crying after a fall is perfectly natural, but it is also an indication that luckily the matter is not that bad. With more serious injuries, young children are passed out and mute. Then the emergency doctor must be informed under number 144 to receive professional help, sexpally advised.


  • Especially when babies start to crawl and explore their world, there are no limits to the little urge to discover.
  • Since they want to feel everything, the hot cup is quickly tipped over their hand or the hot stovetop is touched. Serious burns or scalds with pain, blistering, and redness can result.
  • Then the clothing must be removed immediately to cool the affected parts of the body with cold water.
  • However, if the garments are firmly attached to the skin, the fabric will cool the burn. Fortunately, these major accidents are the exception.
  • Small burns can be relieved under running cold water and treated with a wound or burn ointment.


  • Poisoning is also one of the most common accidents in babies and toddlers.
  • Detergents are mistaken for beverages, medicines for sweets.
  • Therefore, the top priority is to always keep these things out of the reach of the little ones or in a locked cupboard. The emergency number for these cases is 01 – 406 43 43.



If the child does not respond, do not shake under any circumstances, even in pain. You should react calmly and place it on a hard surface, preferably on the floor, and give it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The child must not be left alone!


It is best to hang up the emergency numbers on the phone or save them in the cell phone so that they are at hand in an emergency. In the case of an emergency call, be sure to say:


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