Gucci Guilty Intense For Women Perfume Reviews

Using a perfume is a very important aspect of any woman’s beauty routine, and there are plenty of women’s perfumes out there to choose from. One of the more popular perfumes, Gucci Guilty Intense for Women, offers a bold, yet elegant scent. Whether you wear it to work, or on a night out, you’ll be sure to feel sophisticated and stylish, thanks to the high quality and rich scent. The formula is also long-lasting, so you’ll be able to enjoy the fragrance for a full day, or evening.


Using a hefty dose of nerdy tonalities, Gucci has come up with a sexy eau de parfum that’s as sexy as it is refined. The aforementioned magnum sized bottle is a sleek, if not sexy fusion of metal and glass. The signature interlocking “Gs” are a nod to the olde worlde.

The bottle is no doubt a work of art, but the name badge ain’t bad either. A worthy successor to the classic Gucci Guilty eau de parfum, the Gucci Guilty Intense is the sexiest sibling to date. This voluminous elixir boasts hearty erotics, along with a few flower-y, zesty and fine-tuned scents that are sure to please any lady of the evening.

The aforementioned magnum sized bottle ain’t bad either. The Guilty Intense Eau De Parfum is a worthy successor to the classic Guilty eau de parfum, with a worthy successor in the form of the Guilty Intense Eau du Flamingo Eau de Parfum.

Scent intensity

Those looking to upgrade their wardrobe might want to take a cue from the folks at Gucci, and their new Gucci Guilty Intense for Women perfume. Designed for the edgy and a bit eccentric, the aforementioned fragrance is a stylish ladies’ scent that pays homage to the fashion house’s illustrious history. Those who have been keeping track of the house of Gucci will also recognize the aforementioned bottle, which replicates the sleek fusion of metal and glass.

For the uninitiated, the Gucci Guilty Intense is a well-crafted concoction that is a mix of Floral and Woody notes. The aforementioned follicle is further augmented by Dry Woods and Musks. The floral components are embodied in the aforementioned follicle, along with Ylang Ylang and Tuberose.

Lasting power

Described as an ambery floral woody fragrance, Gucci Guilty Intense for Women Perfume is a sophisticated scent. The ambery base is enriched with a vibrant burst of peach. Ylang-ylang and patchouli are present in the scent. The dry down is soft and spicy, leaving a lasting scent that lingers on the skin.

Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum Intense For Her is a feminine fragrance of Perfume Elegance that is perfect for the unconventional lover. It reinterprets the classic scent and is perfect for those who want to make a statement.

The underlying base of Gucci Guilty Intense is patchouli. This is an intense and sophisticated floral perfume that is reminiscent of Tom Ford Black Orchid. This fragrance features a bold and spicy violet note that is accompanied by an unusual citrus note. This scent is a little darker than the original. It is also a little less sweet.

Scent longevity

Whether you’re a woman looking for an everyday scent or a sophisticated, sexy fragrance, Gucci Guilty Intense for Women is a good choice. This elegant, soapy-floral fragrance blends raspberry, violet, and musk notes. It’s an ideal transitional scent.

While Guilty is a classic, sexy scent, Guilty Intense for Women features a more refined version of the original cologne. It has a stronger orangy tone. The sillage of this cologne is also more noticeable.

Guilty Intense for Women has a slightly darker, sweeter, and more sophisticated sillage. This fragrance is ideal for nighttime wear.

The base of the cologne is filled with lavender and patchouli. These two ingredients combine to create a spicy, sexy, and calming fragrance. The scent also has a woody base.


Depending on your budget, you can expect to pay upwards of $1000 for a bottle of the good stuff. Luckily, Gucci has partnered with a number of e-commerce sites to bring this sexy fragrance to your doorsteps at a fraction of the price. You can choose from a range of stores from Amazon to Shopclues to Flipkart. These e-commerce stores have a combined reach of ten states across the country, and are capable of offering same-day delivery services.

Alternatively, you can get the best of both worlds by visiting the nearest Gucci store. These are known as Gucci hubs, and they are located in several cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Moreover, you can always head over to a Gucci boutique to try on the latest offerings.


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