Documents That I Need To Scrap My Car?

Do I need any special documentation to get rid of my old car?

Whether your car has been totalled in an accident, failed its MOT, or is just beyond repair, you’ll need to show certain paperwork to scrap it.

We’ve created this list of the necessary documentation to assist you in scrapping your car at Cash For Cars Brisbane quickly and easily by eliminating any guesswork on your part.

All required paperwork to scrap your vehicle legally

Vehicle recycling is restricted to ATFs (Authorized Treatment Facilities) (ATFs). Removing potentially harmful components like batteries and oil requires special care.

The following items must be provided to scrap your vehicle:

Certificate of Registration for a Motor Vehicle (V5C)

The V5C is the official registration certificate. The logbook is the primary document needed to dispose of a vehicle.

When a car is registered, the V5C document verifies the legal owner of the vehicle. Also, this method helps you avoid having your car sold without your knowledge.

Learn more about the V5C and related paperwork here.


Yellow V5C/3 slip from registration document required to trash vehicle. If you want to scrap your car, you’ll need the title, registration, and a receipt from an ATF.

Proving One’s Identity

Whether or whether you have the V5C certification, you must show identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport) while scrapping an automobile.

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What should I do if I don’t have the V5C to junk my car?

Have you misplaced your V5C registration document? In such a circumstance, you can still scrap your car, but you’ll have to take extra measures first.

However, if you write to the DVLA and tell them that you sold your automobile to an authorised treatment facility (ATF) for scrap, you can avoid paying the replacement charge of £25 and get a new V5C issued at no cost to you.

You must give the DVLA updated information showing that you are no longer the registered vehicle keeper for them to process your notification.

What we need from you is the following:

  • Details about yourself
  • ATF (Approved Treatment Facility) Information
  • Manufacturer, model, and VIN of the vehicle

The expiration date of the sale

If you choose an ATF that requires a logbook and you don’t have one, it’s recommended that you produce a photo ID and a utility bill as proof of residency. These items can expedite the procedure and enhance the probability that you can scrap your automobile at an ATF without your logbook.

Want to know more about selling your automobile for scrap? See our cash for cars guide for additional information on the procedure.

When I get my car scrapped, what will happen to it?

Proof of Destruction Certificate (CoD)

Whenever a scrap vehicle is delivered to an ATF, the ATF will issue a Certificate of Destruction (CoD).

You can show that your car has been recycled by presenting a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). As such, it can only be distributed by an authorised facility (with an ATF licence). It is necessary to submit a completed V5C/3 to the DVLA in exchange for a Certificate of Determination.

A certificate of destruction (CoD) also absolves you of responsibility for the vehicle after its defeat. When the DVLA receives your Certificate of Destruction (CoD), they will promptly return any remaining road tax to you.

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