Build Up Cannabis Brand with Pre Roll Boxes

Pre Roll Boxes

Rolls are exceptionally delicate, and it is a challenging task to retain their natural flavor and taste. Suppose you pack pre-rolls in a standard box. In that case, there is a huge possibility that they will lose their actual worth due to improper protection against moisture, sunburn, pollution, etc. our pre roll boxes composed of durable cardboard increase their shelf life and give refuge from any exterior damage. So, choose our high-end boxes of the finest quality stock to serve clients and patients with secure pre-rolls.

Pack Superb Quality Pre-Rolls in Diverse Styles of Boxes

Pre-rolls have the same shape but come in diverse sizes. To engage the onlookers towards their favorite products, you can pack rolls in modernized and unique styles of boxes. Tray and sleeves are usually considered the most appropriate box style for pre-rolls. But with time, it became boring. To give a modern touch to the box packaging, we put on cardboard and foam inserts that prevent the rolls from colliding and are safe during shipping. We also construct reverse and straight tuck-end boxes. These boxes look elegant and give safe strength to delicate rolls. Tuck-end boxes are also easy to load and unload. Counter display boxes are the best way to direct consumers’ attention toward your brand’s products. They are placed on counter shelves and capture the attention of buyers easily.

Printing of Pre-Roll Box Packaging in Diverse Designs

Our company has a skilled team of designers who have years of expertise in packaging. They are competent enough to construct custom-designed boxes and print whatever you demand. We use climate-friendly cardboard that is flexible enough to transfer into any custom shape. Cardboard paper is also print-friendly; you can publish the paper with finishings and add-ons. 

Choose Our Latest Printing Methods for Excellent Packaging

Colorful printed packages designed with engaging graphics can do wonders in grabbing the attention of buyers instantly. We employ modernized printing methods like offset and digital for long-lasting, premium-quality prints. These printing stand poles apart from each other but produce astonishing results. In contrast, to offset, digital is the latest printing technique and creates results smoothly. However, for massive quantity prints, you can go with offset. 

Our Hue Choices for Multi-Color Printed Pre-Roll Package

We offer blank cigarette boxes as the best substitutes for color printing. Our color choices contain two models, CMYK and PMS. You can apply these two-color options to print the logo and image on the packaging. CMYK and PMS contrast with each other due to their color shades. CMYK is a four-color model; however, PMS produces innumerable color shades. 

Application of Various Coatings for Outstanding Packaging

To provide a concluding touch and make packaging tolerable to traveling shocks, we make use of the following coating solutions as

  • matt lamination 
  • gloss lamination
  • spot UV
  • aqueous coating 

Create Eye-Catchy and Enticing Packaging with Add-Ons and Finishings:

We give plenty of add-ons and embellishments options to our customers that include:

Add-Ons Finishings
Inserts/dividers Embossing 
Window cut-outs Debossing 
PVC sheet Foil stamping (silver/ gold foiling)

First-Rate Pre-Roll Box Packaging Supplier: Customboxeszone

we have been supplying custom pre-roll boxes for a longer time. Our designers have decades of experience and can create an excellent box complimenting your cannabis business. Besides this, our company has employed specific rules that provide ease to the clients and make the customization process hassle-free for them. These services involve

  • We offer free transit service to make clients free from the high costs of shipping.
  • You can also obtain a free and instant quote facility.
  • We ship 3D design samples for the final approval of the customers.
  • Additionally, we provide free cost design support from experts.
  • Our customer service team is accessible all around day and night. 

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