7 Essential time management skills that will improve your life

Time is one of the most valuable things in this world. It cannot be measured by any scale or parameter, but its utilization of it can give value to the things we do in our day-to-day lives. This blog will help you to grow your time management skills.

Time management skills can improve your life in such a way that you can find time to do things that you are not able to do because of poor time management.

So let’s have a look at tips that can help you improve your time-managing capacity and make your life better in every way.


  • Inspect your time
  • Stay away from diversions
  • Make a schedule
  • Don’t juggle
  • Use break time cleverly
  • Use help from technology
  • Seek help and appreciate yourself
  • Conclusion
  1. Inspect your time:

You start your day, go to college, spend time with friends, come to your room, get tired, and go to sleep. This unscheduled routine leaves you no time for extra studies and doing important things.

So, you start to wonder why you are not getting enough time to do important things! That is because you have not developed time management skills which are negatively impacting your lifestyle.

So the first thing you could do is, inspect your time and try to figure out the unnecessary activities such as social media, and chatting which are wasting your time.

Put a timer for every 30 minutes from the time you start your work to the end of your day. Note down your productivity and unproductive times at end of the day for at least 10 days.

These statistics will give you a clear vision of how you spend your time and where you should adjust.

  1. Stay away from diversions:

Now you have marked the diversions distracting you from doing your work or study. So it’s time for you to get rid of them.

If you are distracted by social media, then turn off your notifications and put aside your phone while studying.

If you use a computer for study, then read in full screen and avoid seeing the notification bar. In this way, you will be able to utilize your time for studying and learn time management skills.

  1. Make a schedule:

As a medical student, you must make a study schedule to make room for important things except only studying.

The medical course is hectic and needs a lot of study. But you also need time for doing other things like spending time with loved ones and maintaining your hobbies.

If you have a schedule you will be able to manage your time according to your need and necessity. 

Don’t make it too hard. Create a schedule that is flexible and works perfectly with your life.

  1. Don’t juggle:

To finish all the work soon some people think it will be a good idea to juggle between tasks at a time. But the result will be the opposite to it.

When you try to focus on more than one thing at a time, it slows your productivity rather than fastening it.

So, avoid multitasking if you want to manage your time correctly. Focus on one thing at a time. Divide your work according to their types and do them in their time.

In this way, you can finish your work and time and make a room for some personal time.

  1. Use break time cleverly:

As a medical student, it is hard to keep up with my studies. Sometimes the brain just blocks itself because of study pressure.

In this scenario, it is essential to take breaks from studies and do a little relaxation. Your brain must recharge and function properly.

But in college between lectures, you get one hour or half an hour of breaks. You can utilize this break time for doing other things.

If you have a task to complete, you can do it in the break time or if you have other plans like shopping for the weekend, then utilize this break time and get over with it.

In this way, you will get full time on the weekend without any burden and enjoy your day fully as you want.

  1. Use help from technology:

We are living in the era of modern science and technology. It will be ignorant for us not to utilize it to benefit our lives.

A lot of things can be done with the help of just one gadget, which is a smartphone.

You can install some time management applications on your phone as well as your computer to track your activities.

These tools will help you regulate your daily activities through reminders, timers, and calendar settings.

  1. Seek help and appreciate yourself:

While managing your time you can seek help from your roommates or family members if you are living at home. Don’t hesitate in asking for help.

You can schedule your laundry time and set a particular time for you so that you won’t be stuck in the laundry room more than you should. This will give you extra time for studies or whatever you want to do in your spare time.

Time management skill is not a natural-born talent. It is a skill that sharpens with time and practice.

So appreciate yourself for every accomplishment you achieve and keep going no matter how hard it seems.



Time is considered a qualitative thing more than a quantitative one. Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day to do all the work and live a life.

It depends on people how use their time to get things done and manage to live a meaningful life.

Your time management skill will decide how you are going to get things done and manage your work and personal life.

 So use it properly and do the best you can.

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