10 Best Job Boards for Marketers

  1. Hey Marketers

Since we have placed positions here ourselves, we can attest to Hey Marketers’ concentration on permanent remote marketing opportunities. At the time of the most recent tally, we calculated that the platform had approximately 1,300 available positions. The marketing area includes jobs in copywriting, content planning, digital marketing, and campaign management. The quality of the postings, many of which originate from well-known and up-and-coming tech firms like HubSpot, Skillshare, MailChimp, Zoom, Clubhouse, and of course, Ahrefs, may be the site’s greatest strength. The procedure of posting a job on Hey Marketers is simple. The spot is yours for 30 days with the moderator’s permission, of course, if you send them the URL to an active job ad and payment.

  1. DGMG Jobs

For B2B marketers of all levels of expertise, DGMG Jobs offers a variety of full-time and remote positions. The Dave Gerhardt Marketing Group (DGMG), which combines an online university, a paid Facebook group, and podcast series, is run by seasoned marketer Dave Gerhardt. At the time of writing, there were more than 50 available positions across product marketing, demand generation, and customer relationship management marketing from largely US-based businesses (including Shopify and Bain & Company!).

  1. Remotive

Remotive was founded by creator Rodolphe Dutel, a former employee of Google and Buffer.com who took on a full-time, remote/hybrid job role in an effort to streamline the hiring process. You may narrow your searches by 15 different categories, including marketing, product, sales, design, and software development, even though it isn’t a job board just for marketers. Each job offer has a section where you may choose to conceal positions that are only available in the United States, saving you the trouble of having to click on a listing to view additional information. However, a location-based search filter would be nice. There is a paid Slack group where you can remain up to speed on the most recent trends in addition to the employment board.

  1. Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs, which was founded in 2017, specializes in entirely remote/hybrid job positions and offers a tonne of parameters to help you choose. These filters include income range, timezone, experience, industry, and category. A job posting is quite easy to do: Create an account with the very minimum of information, such as your company name and email address, and then post your first job. You have access to Dynamite Jobs’ database of more than 30,000 applicants as a hirer, and you may invite them to apply for available positions. Additionally, if you want to build an optional user profile, you may have the opportunity to have your job listing highlighted in the weekly email that features the top 10 job selections.

  1. AngelList

A US-based website called AngelList is devoted to tech firms aiming to secure capital from angel investors and recruit employees. This area of emphasis is what distinguishes the job platform from others and draws listings from well-known companies like Twitch, Stripe, and Spotify. It’s interesting that just one board on our list asks applicants to disclose their expected salary and equity ranges upfront.

  1. We Work Remotely (WWR)

The largest remote/hybrid job work community in the world, according to We Work Remotely (WWR), is located there. Although we cannot attest to it, IT behemoths like Basecamp, Amazon, Google, and InVision have all used the job board. Job searchers have the option of focusing their searches by job type, region, firm, or title. The areas of content marketing, performance marketing, social media, email outreach, and SEO were all represented in the search results when we searched by sales and marketing. Additionally, you have the choice to sign up for job notifications that will show up in your browser. However, we advise signing up for the Slack group, which has close to 9,000 members, for more rapid updates. Though the former isn’t categorized by category, channels #12-wwr-new-jobs and #13-resume-review are two that should be mentioned.

  1. Jobspresso

Jobspresso is used by over 100,000 remote/hybrid job employees, and to further support its legitimacy, the website has also been highlighted on Inc., Forbes, and Business Insider. Although remote jobs predominate in the marketplace, many advertisements include candidates’ preferred locations, which are often in the US or Canada. As of our most recent search, we have over 300 marketing job listings, including positions in community management, performance marketing, and digital marketing. Daily employment updates are also shared on Twitter, but you’ll need to keep an eye out because they are not classified.

  1. Demand Curve

Demand Curve is worth a visit for its job board, but we also included this Y Combinator-backed firm in our round-up of the finest online marketing communities. You will see listings from software firms like SimilarWeb, Ahrefs, and many more that were created expressly for growth marketers. Digital marketing, growth, PPC and SEO, and UX authoring are among the roles. Your search may be filtered by a wide range of factors, including job title, function, firm location, company size, and more. Consider joining Demand Curve’s free, exclusive Slack group, where the #jobs channel is updated daily if you are more interested in taking a casual look-see than actively seeking employment.

  1. Remoters

With over ten thousand Twitter followers and over seven hundred thousand users, Remoters has gained popularity by concentrating on matching hybrid jobs employees with employment in a variety of fields, including SEO, content and copywriting, and digital and product marketing. The “job skills” filter is a simple favorite since it allows you to search for jobs according to particular abilities like project management and content strategy. There is also a checkbox expressly for Ahrefs, however, we advise you to start by looking through job categories. You may learn about a position’s desired skill set, pay range, and application deadline on the summary page.

  1. ProBlogger

Another job board we can personally recommend is ProBlogger’s, since one of our team members, Sam, whom you may remember from Ahrefs’ YouTube channel, has used it for more than six years. The fact that every job advertising is posted to its over 220k followers on Twitter may have contributed to the over 280 high-quality applications we received in response to our most recent employment advertisement. Additionally, it’s a great platform for both experts and generalists. For instance, we saw articles looking for content writers to work on a wider range of lifestyle themes, from health and beauty to e-commerce product listings, as well as those looking for writers who specialize in categories like tech, fintech, and personal finance.

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